The Artistic Writing™ Programme

This programme is based on the educational theory of constructivism. This is supported by renowned psychologists and educators such as Jean Piaget, Seymour Papert and John Dewey. The constructivism theory states that learners are able to construct their own learning through their surroundings and experiences.

Here are the components to our signature Artistic Writing™ Programme.

Artistic Writing Programme components

Further Research on Arts & Education

Here are additional important research material that explore the significance of the arts and writing in the development of children. This research underpins our organisation's vision, mission and pedagogy.

  1. Dr. Mariale Hardiman's Brain Targeted Teaching
  2. TED Talk by Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
  3.  Why Playful Learning is the Key to Prosperity by Ashoka (Forbes Article)
  4. Let the Kids Learn Through Play by David Kohn (New York Times Article)
  5. How Art Therapy Can Help Children Facing Mental and Emotional Challenges (Huffington Post Article)
  6.  10 Salient Studies on the Arts in Education by Online Colleges.
  7.  The Importance of Art in Child Development by Grace Hwang Lynch.