Speak Up, Speak Well
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Speak Up, Speak Well


Product Description

Description of programme:

Being fluent and articulate 💬 is a highly sought-after skill in today’s world and in the world of the future. Our “Speak Up, Speak Well” is targeted at more INTROVERTED Primary School children to ENHANCE AND IMPROVE their verbal communication skills.

Research has shown that the arts 🎭 are a great means to encourage children to express themselves with interesting and original ideas. This is why we have planned a range of artistic activities such as drama and movement, origami, sketching and clay making in a NURTURING and SAFE space.

By the end of the 2-day programme, your child will be able to:

✅ Be more confident in expressing himself or herself in front of a group of people
✅Be able to converse about these topics:

-My Future City🏨: Participants will design a city of the future and describe the different aspects of this city, such as the city’s facilities, the inhabitants and the modes of transportation in the city.

-My Future Lifestyle🏌️‍♀️: Participants will create the kind of lifestyle they wish to have in the future, for example, a healthy lifestyle, a peaceful lifestyle or an adventurous lifestyle. They will then demonstrate how they will be able to achieve such a lifestyle.

✅Show progress in terms of articulation and fluency of speech.

Dates: 1& 8 March, 2019 (Fridays)

Time: 3.30-5.30pm