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Harvard University inspired curriculum

Our curriculum was developed by our founder, Claudine Fernandez after she attained a Master’s in Education (Arts in Education) from Harvard University.

17 Awards won by our Students

Our students have won prestigious writing awards in both local and international competitions.

More than 1000 students have seen improvements in their writing.

We offer weekly group classes and holiday writing programmes with a variety of hands-on activities. Your child will enjoy learning while becoming a more proficient and confident writer!

40+ students have written and published their own books

We groom some of our best students to become published authors and illustrators. Some of them choose to donate the profits from the sales of their books to their adopted charities.

Have you heard about our free masterclass, “Make Your Child’s Writing Stand Out”? It is created and conducted by our founder, Claudine Fernandez.

What makes us unique

Singapore's first Artistic Writing Programme

Artistic Strategies Academy is an English writing school based in Singapore, delivering our signature Artistic Writing™ Programme for young writers aged 6 to 14. We conduct our classes at Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Bukit Timah and online.

Developed from the principles of constructivism, Artistic Strategies Academy's signature Artistic Writing™ Programme is a unique and enriching creative writing programme; the first of its kind in Singapore.

The instructors at Artistic Strategies Academy use various art forms such as visual arts, clay, movement, and drama to engage and enthuse students in interactive and hands-on learning.

Instead of outdated rote-learning and memorisation techniques, the Artistic Writing™ Programme grooms young writers to draw inspiration from their own artistic creations and produce original written pieces.

We care deeply about our students’ learning journey and we want to develop them as well-rounded individuals who will thrive in life.

All our programmes are underpinned by these 4 pillars of development:

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Do-It-Yourself Resources

Want to guide your children at home but not sure where to start? Check out our range of digital and physical educational resources that will empower your children to be better creative writers and thinkers!

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