Year: 2021

technique to cope with stress

3 Techniques to Help Your Child Cope With Stress

As adults who have been through the passage of life, we often look back at our childhood with rose-coloured glasses. Rarely do we remember the challenges that we faced when we were younger. It is important for us to remember...

Masterclasses with Teacher Claudine

These masterclasses are designed as individual modules offering practical writing strategies which children can easily incorporate into their existing writing practice—no matter what stage they are at. Easy access to the masterclasses gives your child the opportunity to work at...

3 Guaranteed Ways to Engage Your Child (Both Online and Offline)

Dear Parents, Our children have been adapting to countless changes. With that, you may have noticed them becoming disengaged during classes. Some parents shared with me how their children are undergoing ‘Zoom fatigue’. Others witnessed how school teachers struggled to engage...
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Embracing Online Learning

Dear Parents, Recently, a friend shared a story about her nephew’s online classes in Indonesia. When the class began, the teacher asked the children to put on their shoes and hang their bags up, just as they would in a...
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My Child Writes Unrealistic Compositions

Unrealistic compositions: Are they problematic? When your child tells a story, does it tend to be ‘out of this world’ or removed from reality? This is actually quite natural in children’s stories, and even beautiful. With their innocence and childlike...



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