Artistic Strategies Founder - Claudine Fernandez


I founded Artistic Strategies because I had seen too many children feeling disenchanted or disinterested with writing. This was mostly due to the fact that they associated writing with boring memorisation and rote learning techniques and felt disconnected from the stories they were made to write. Such a shame, given that writing is such an important lifeskill!

Something had to change. After graduating from Harvard University with a Master Degree in Arts in Education, I found the solution in marrying arts and writing, giving rise to our signature Artistic Writing™ program. I'm proud to say that we are the pioneers in Singapore. Many children love experimenting with different art forms as they are particularly enticed by the dynamic nature of the arts, which allows them to engage in hands-on, interactive and creative activities- instead of sitting behind their desks all the time.

Instead of measuring our success based on profit margins, I measure our success based on the children's joy of learning, the development of critical thinkers and confident communicators who write original and meaningful narratives.

As we all know, the most successful people today are able to effectively communicate their ideas. Therefore, the skills that we inculcate in young children will give them a head start in both their academic pursuits and their future careers.

Invest in your child's success today and we'll work together to groom your children.

Yours in Partnership,
Claudine Fernandez

Meet our Instructors

Atifa Othman

An NTU English Literature graduate with a Minor in Creative Writing, she also served as the Vice President of NTU Epiphany’s Theatre Wing.

Diana Rahim

A First Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree holder in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. Diana’s work has been published by the National Library Board and the National Arts Council.
ASA Instructor - Ellya Kujawski

Ellya Kujawski

Currently pursuing a BA in English Language and Literature, Ellya has 8 years of teaching experience in primary schools with a focus on English, the Arts and socio-emotional learning.

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