January 23, 2019

Holiday Programmes

Holiday Programmes

There is a range of interesting topics available during our school holiday programmes (in March, June, September & November-December).   

These programmes, which also use the Artistic Writing™ teaching approaches, are the perfect way to ensure that your child is productively occupied while enjoying their break from school. 

To view pictures of the holiday programmes we have run in the past, visit our Facebook Page Album here.

I Am What I Wear (A September Holiday Programme)

Description: In this writing and fashion workshop, children aged 6-16 will get to design their very own wardrobe to reflect their unique identity and self-image. They will learn descriptive words and phrases to describe physical appearances and themselves. In addition, the workshop will culminate with a fashion show where the children will get to show off their creations and learn how to write a fashion show commentary.

Note: The handouts for this programme will be differentiated according to the age levels of the participants. For group work, participants will be working with their peers from the same age group.

Dates: 9 & 10 September (Monday and Tuesday)
Timings: 10am-12pm on Monday, 10am-12.30pm on Tuesday
Early bird price: $180 (till 15 August 2019) per pax
Normal price: $200 per pax

*Limited to 10 pax.

Makers Will Make (September Holiday Programme)

Description: In this writing and creators workshop, children aged 6-16 will get the opportunity to create robots and apps interfaces for the future. By doing so, they will envision the needs of people living in the future and learn how to articulate these in writing. By the end of the workshop, they will demonstrate, both in speech and in writing, how these games and apps work to serve the needs of future generations!

Note: The handouts for this programme will be differentiated according to the age levels of the participants. For group work, participants will be working with their peers from the same age group.

Dates: 11 & 13 September (Wednesday and Friday)
Timings: 10am-12pm on Wednesday, 10am-12.30pm on Friday
Eary bird price: $180 (till 15 August 2019) per pax
Normal price: $200 per pax

*Each intake is limited to 10 participants.


PSLE Compo: Standing Out From The Crowd


When it comes to continuous writing, it is not enough to just write a decent composition that is organised. In order to get the best marks, the composition must stand out from the rest and not be one of the "run-of-the-mill" compositions that have been memorised from given templates.

So how exactly does your child make his/her compo stand out?

Our founder, Claudine Fernandez will be running a PSLE Composition Writing Intensive Course this September holidays to teach specific techniques that will give students an edge when it comes to acing the PSLE Continuous Writing section. Furthermore, these writing techniques are applicable to any short story even after the PSLE is over.

This is what she will cover:

Day 1(Monday,9th of September): Writing a captivating hook (attention-grabbing beginning) to capture markers' attention

Day 2 (Tuesday, 10th of September): Writing an engaging scene using sensorial imagery

Day 3 (Wednesday, 11th of September): Writing an effective dialogue between characters

Day 4 (Friday, 13th of September): Writing an impactful conclusion 

Timings for all four days: 2-4pm

*Each intake is limited to 6 participants.


Young Inventors™ Programme


Suitable for children aged 6-12.

In this 3-day multi-intelligences programme, children get to build and make their own things such as games, art pieces and even robots as they find real solutions to real problems affecting children. They also get to take part in a Marshmallow Challenge as they work with their friends to build the highest marshmallow tower!

Based on Design Thinking Principles originally from Stanford University, the participants of this workshop will be doing the following:

Identifying problems (Day 1)
Hands-on and interactive creation of products using recycled materials (Day 2)
"Selling" their products (Day 3)


At every stage, children will be writing and journaling about their process leading up to their prototype. This ensures that they are actively thinking about how to problem solve and reflecting on how to improve their design as they get feedback from their peers and teachers.

The presentation on Day 3 also trains them to be confident speakers & writers, as they persuade others to use their products as a viable solution.

Dates: To be confirmed

Timings: To be confirmed

Cost: $250 per child (Early Bird)

(This includes all learning materials and a copy of the edited video clip of the presentation.)


*Each intake is limited to 10 participants.



Imagine your Primary or Secondary School child being a published author! In this programme, children will get to publish their own illustrated children's book (approximately 15 pages) after 4 lessons! They will be taught how to enhance their illustrations and guided closely in the process of planning, writing and editing their stories. As a bonus, they will be getting feedback from a real-life published author and an illustrator. In addition, they could choose to print additional copies of their books to be sold and the proceeds from the sales would go to their adopted charity.

Application Process:

Please send us an email us at mail@artisticstrategies.com.sg with a sample of your children's written work (must be at least 200 words in length) and their illustrations by the 18th of May, 2019. The illustrations do not need to be linked to the written piece. The subject of the email should be "Young Authors Programme"

Please also include the following information:

1) Name and Age of Child
2) Preference of Batch

Dates and Timing:

Batch 1- 6th June 2019 (Thurs), 10am-12pm

8th June 2019 (Sat), 3-5pm

12th June 2019 (Wed), 10am-12pm

15th June 2019 (Saturday), 3-5pm

Batch 2- 19th June (Wed),  22nd June (Saturday), 26th June (Wed),  29th June (Saturday), 2019, 2-4pm on Wednesdays, 3-5pm on Saturdays

Please note that if your child is selected for this programme, he or she is required to attend all four sessions.

Cost: $600 (This includes all learning materials, including one copy of the completed book, ISBN barcode, two copies to be given to the National Library and one video clip. Additional copies of the completed book can be printed at a special rate.) We will also be handling the donations to the charities.