Upcoming Holiday Programmes

There is a range of interesting topics available during our school holiday programmes (in March, June, September & November-December).   

These programmes, which also use the Artistic Writing™ teaching approaches, are the perfect way to ensure that your child is productively occupied while enjoying their break from school. 

To view pictures of the holiday programmes we have run in the past, visit our Facebook Page Album here.

Please send a Whatsapp message to 98936129 or email us at mail@artisticstrategies.com.sg to find out about the payment methods.

Words and Music: A Junior Composers Workshop™


In this 2-day junior composers workshop, children will learn:
1. The fundamentals of music composition (melody line, harmonic accompaniment & synchronisation with lyrics)
2. The fundamentals of lyric writing (theme, rhymes, choice of words, imagery, etc.)
3. To collaboratively compose a musical tune using a portable piano
4. To collaboratively write lyrics to accompany that tune
At the end of the workshop, they will:
1. Perform the lyrics and the music (There will a video recording of this and parents will be sent the recording.)
2. Get a PDF file of the lyrics they have composed
No music background is needed.

Cost: $200 per child (This includes light snacks on both days, all learning materials, the video recording and the PDF file.)

Dates and Times: 22nd November (Thursday, 10am-1pm), 23rd November (Friday, 10am-1.30pm)

*Limited spaces available. 

Artistic Strategies

Game Design™: A Workshop for 7-12 year olds (There are no more vacancies for this workshop.)

Description: This 2-day workshop empowers children to be designers for games. Instead of merely playing games, children will earn the mechanics of game design, igniting their creativity and critical thinking skills as they think about the objectives of their games, the rules and the steps to play the games.


Day 1, 26th November (Monday)-  They will creating their own individual games and writing the manuals for these games, using appropriate vocabulary and clear and coherent expression. They will also be verbally presenting their games to their classmates.

Day 2,  27th November (Tuesday)- They will collaborate to design a futuristic playground and writing an elaborate and detailed description of their playground. A video will be taken of the children reading their detailed descriptions.

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: $120 per child (This includes all learning materials and the videoclip taken on Day 2.)

*Each intake is limited to 6 participants. 

Artistic Strategies

Young Inventors Programme™

Description: Perfect for the budding entrepreneur!! In this 3-day multi-intelligences programme, children take on the role of young inventors as they find real solutions to real problems affecting children. Based on Design Thinking Principles originally from Stanford University, the participants of this workshop will be doing the following:

  1. Research into problems (Day 1)
  2. Creating prototypes of solutions (Day 2)
  3. Presenting and "selling" their solutions to classmates, instructors and parents (Day 3)

At every stage, children will be writing and journaling about their process leading up to their prototype. This ensures that they are actively thinking about how to problem solve and reflecting on how to improve their design as they get feedback from their peers and teachers.

The presentation on Day 3 also trains them to be confident speakers & writers, as they persuade others to use their products as a viable solution.


3rd, 4th and 6th December (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) 2018

Time: 10am-12pm (Monday & Tuesday), 10am-12.30pm (Thursday)

Cost: $250 per child (This includes all learning materials and a copy of the edited videoclip.)

*Each intake is limited to 6 participants. 

Young Authors Programme™

Description: Imagine your Primary School child being a published author! In this programme, children will get to publish their own illustrated children's book (approximately 15 pages) after 4 lessons! They will be taught how to enhance their illustrations and guided closely in the process of planning, writing and editing their stories. As a bonus, they will be getting feedback from a real life published author and an illustrator. In addition, they could choose to print additional copies of their books to be sold and the proceeds from the sales would go to their adopted charity.

Application Process:

Please send us an email us at mail@artisticstrategies.com.sg with a sample of your children's written work (must be at least 200 words in length) and their illustrations. The illustrations do not need to be linked to the written piece. The subject of the email should be "Young Authors Programme"

Please also include the following information:

1) Name and Age of Child
2) Preference of Batch

We will stop receiving applications on the 25th of October, 5pm. Successful applicants will be notified via email by the end of October.

Dates and Timings: 

Batch 1:

21st November (Wednesday, 10am-12pm), 24th November (Saturday, 3-5pm), 28th November (Wednesday, 10am-12pm), 1st December (Saturday 3-5pm)

Batch 2:

5th December (Wednesday, 10am-12pm), 8th December (Saturday 3-5pm), 12th December (Wednesday 10am-12pm), 15th December (Saturday 3-5pm)

Cost: $400 (This includes all learning materials, including one copy of the completed book, ISBN barcode, professional editing and two books printed the library's depository. Additional copies of the completed book can be printed at a special rate.)

*Each intake is limited to 5 participants. Only selected participants will be able to attend this programme. 

Read an article written about our Young Authors Programme by Sassymama here.

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