March 26, 2020

Online English Creative Writing Classes

Does your child:

❌  Lack confidence in writing                                                                                         

❌   Stare blankly at the paper, not knowing what to write

❌  Show disinterest in writing or learning English

❌  Use a limited vocabulary

❌  Have an over-dependence on you or the teacher for answers

❌   Unable to critically think on the spot



✅    Enjoy writing and wants to explore other forms of writing

✅    Want to publish his/her own book

✅    Have the fundamental skills of writing but needs to be more creative

Whichever category your child belongs to, we have just the solution for you, especially during this Covid-19 era.

So how is our programme different from others??

✅ Harvard-inspired programme, a top quality framework to improve students' scores and confidence

✅ The online platform that we use, BitPaper, allows for almost one-to-one, MAXIMUM attention to your children

✅ Children work at their own pace and level to hone their English communication skills (both speaking and writing)

✅ Exciting hands-on curriculum that appeals to the various interests of children, making them WANT to learn

✅ Develops the children holistically so that they can achieve the necessary 21st century skills to succeed in life


The good news is that all these can be achieved through our interactive online classes!

Hear from our students!

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