April 20, 2016

Weekly Classes

Artistic Strategies

Our weekly group classes are typically 1.5 hours per session, and will give your child CONSISTENT writing practice and REGULAR feedback from the teacher. At the end of every month, the parents will be given a Progress Report showing the child's strengths and areas of improvement.


Here's what a typical Artistic Writing™ class would look like:

STEP 1: 

Through games and movement, our students engage in healthy competition as they expand their vocabulary beyond the spelling lists given to them in school. They are also encouraged to use these new vocabulary words appropriately in their writing.


When they experiment with different art forms and create things, they are visualising characters and places, leading to richer and more vivid descriptions in their written work, which will engage the reader.


From their creations, they generate a variety of innovative ideas. Most importantly, these ideas arise from their own creative thinking, and NOT through rote-learning, memorisation or imitation of others' work.


Next, they pick their best ideas, translating these to their written work in a guided process that ensures that their writing is clear and coherent.


Lastly, they are trained to edit their own work, instead of relying on the teacher to tell them what is right or wrong. They learn how to be more meticulous in the presentation of their written pieces.


These are the significant life skills that our students will acquire from attending our classes:

Artistic Writing Skills

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