July 4, 2019

Coaching by Claudine Fernandez

Dear Parents,
How well your children fare in school and life is largely dependent on how well they manage their stress levels.
I know of many students who work really hard but when it comes to performing under pressure or time limits, they are unable to function at an optimal level. Some of them even “blank out”.
And then, there are others who may be feeling stressed but perhaps, they are unable to communicate their feelings and their needs. As such, they don’t get the help and intervention that they need.
Aside from just planning for their academic subjects, imagine if you had a roadmap to manage their stress levels throughout the year AND master communication with them so that you can be their pillar of strength.
To chart this roadmap, we would need to identify their key personality traits and dispositions that determine that behaviour and lead to stress. I can help!
As a Certified Stress Management and Behavioural consultant, I am qualified to:
✅ Analyse in detail your child’s DISC (personality profiling assessment) report
✅ Identify your child’s main communication style
✅ Target your child’s strengths and recommend ways to harness them
✅ Provide useful strategies to support your children in their areas of improvement
✅ Advise you on how you could alleviate your child’s stress levels
There is also a special package for both children and parents where I will analyse the parents’ profiles in tandem with their children’s profiles. In doing so, we could help enhance communication and mutual understanding among all parties.
It doesn’t stop there… After three months, I will conduct a review with you, to evaluate the effectiveness of the roadmap and make the necessary adjustments.
Book your DISC coaching session here if you’re interested in charting a personalised roadmap for your children.
Yours in partnership,
Claudine Fernandez