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Art-Science Jam!


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Description: Calling all parents of children aged 6-12!! Join us for this fun-filled and exciting art-science jam where your children will get to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education activities. The activities at every station will enable your child to use both the right and left sides of their brain as they explore, discover, create and synthesise ideas.
Participants who complete the activities at the various stations stand to win a goodie bag filled with prizes to help your child to continue learning after the day is over!
Successful registrants will get a confirmation email.
Date: Sunday, 10th of November
Time: 10am-1pm
Price: $30/per child
Station 1: Marshmallow Challenge
Children get to build their very own marshmallow structures with minimal materials to enhance their problem-solving and engineering skills.
Station 2: Gone with The Wind
Children will discover the science between gravity and air resistance and understand the concept of seed dispersal by wind by making their own helicopters.
Station 3: 5-7-5 Creations
Children will learn how to make origami creations and write accompanying haikus (three-line poems with a structured form). They will be applying principles of math to pen their thoughts down succinctly and clearly.
Station 4: Ahoy! Dry Underwater!
Children will discover and investigate the amazing properties of air and displacement through a hands-on activity that will illustrate a mysterious phenomenon!
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