Building Your Empire (Advanced Level)


Do your children like playing Roblox or Minecraft?

Do they like building their own structures?

However, are you concerned that they may be spending too much time gaming and too little time on English writing?

What if your children could play a game like that and practise their creative writing skills at the same time?

The Building Your Empire game (Advanced Level) will enable children aged 9-12 to:

✅ Unleash their creative juices to design their own avatar and empire on Powerpoint

✅ Awaken their critical thinking skills to decide which buildings to build and which citizens to choose

✅ Elevate their linguistic skills to describe their empire and justify their choices

✅ Empower themselves to be impactful storytellers as they create narratives about what happens during and after an invasion of their empire

Throughout the process, they will be guided through videos so that they can complete the tasks independently and in a self-directed manner, without the need for adult supervision. The only requirement is that they have Powerpoint on their devices.

When your children submit their completed work on their slides to us, a qualified ASA instructor will mark their work and give them quality feedback within 2 working days.

As a reward for submitting their work, children will receive more designs (worth $20) that they could use to add to their empire.

**Once the purchase has been made, you will be redirected to a link where you could download the Powerpoint slides.




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