Create Your Own Book (Basic Package)






If you think your child has what it takes to be a published author-cum-illustrator, now’s the time!

As part of this “Create Your Own Book” package, we will format your child’s story and illustrations (14 pages in total) into a professional-looking children’s book.

In addition, we will provide professional editing services for both the writing and the illustrations. Please note that you are paying for the basic package. If your child’s work requires additional editing, we will send you an invoice with the additional costs. Typically, it takes about two to three weeks for the book to be edited, formatted and printed.

The package also includes one copy of the book and additional copies can be ordered at a discounted price. Postage and delivery costs are not included in this package.

Suitable for all children aged 6-16 in Singapore!

Creating their own books will:

-Build confidence in children

-Allow children to express their own, unique personal voice

-Give children the opportunity to hone their creativity through words and illustrations

-Allow children to share their wonderful stories with the world

This package also includes a guide (soft-copy) on how to create your own children’s storybook. This guide will include tips on:

1) How to structure the story
2) How to make the story more engaging
3) How to edit the story
4) How to pick key scenes to illustrate
4) How to colour the illustrations

What do you do once payment has been made?

1. Email us ( the scanned illustrations with these specs:
– illustrations to be drawn and coloured on 20cm by 20cm drawing block paper
– the resolution of the scans must be at least 150 dpi
– the files must be saved as PNG or JPG files)

and a Microsoft Word document of your child’s written piece. The subject of the email should be “Create Your Own Book”. The pages must be labelled clearly on the illustrations and the written piece.

2. Please include your child’s name as how you would like it to be printed on the book’s cover.

3. If your child would like to write a dedication for the book, you may also include this in the word document.

If the illustrations are not clear enough or if there is any information that is missing, we will be asking you to resend them.