Every Child’s Guide to Write Away! (Volume 2)- Downloadable and Fillable Version


Download a PDF version of Every Child’s Guide to Write Away! (Volume 2) that is fillable! Teach your children to type while expressing their creativity in writing. The link will expire 7 days after the day of purchase.

As with the previous activity book, we have included guiding questions for the activities to spark the thought process in children, while allowing them the freedom to express their own original ideas. Furthermore, in this new volume, we have included a section called, “Words with Doodles” for all the chapters, (except for the first chapter of Warm-Up exercises). This is to encourage children to build their vocabulary and to internalise the meanings of the words by drawing or “doodling” pictures next to the word, reinforcing their learning of new vocabulary.

In this second volume, we have also included a reading list for each chapter and categorized the suggested books into three different categories- 1) Elementary, 2) Intermediate and 3) Advanced. Every chapter now has an additional section called, “Challenge Yourself” to further engage motivated writers who welcome the opportunity to stretch themselves creatively. The activities in this section often require children to adopt different perspectives, allowing them to empathise with others.







Reviews of the book:

A wonderfully diverse collection of creative writing activities for young writers. This book takes them on a step-by-step journey to experience the many clever ways that they can apply their imagination, from writing book reviews to creating their own stories from scratch, to working on fun journaling projects. Grown-ups will certainly benefit from this too.

— Don Bosco, Award-winning author and publisher, Super Cool Books, www.supercoolbooks.com

To be able to see children express themselves through the written word is invaluable, priceless, and precious. It is heartening to know that this very book sets out to encourage and engage the imaginative and literary faculties of young people. The strategies used are thoughtful, structured, accessible, and most of all, enjoyable. With this book, the creative process will be dynamically shared by parents and children, thus enabling ideas to collectively germinate and flourish,”

— Dr. Chew Yiwei, Postdoctoral Fellow at Nanyang Technological University & former Literature teacher at School of the Arts, Singapore

Every Child’s Guide to Write Away (Volume 2) demonstrates that writing really is thinking. Fernandez’s wonderful book supports children in not only creative writing but in a creative approach to living in and making meaning from, the world around them. The book offers a range of art based exercises that will be sure to spark children’s reflection on their own lives and dreams for the future. A fabulous book ideal for use at home and in the classroom.

— Clare McFadden, Writer, Illustrator and Executive Director at Write the World

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