Every Child’s Guide to Write Away! (Volume 3)






In this third volume, children get the opportunity to be performers, inventors and even magicians! The skills that children will get to hone include perspective-taking, empathy, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and also cultural awareness. These skills are essential not just in writing but also in life.

To enhance the quality of the children’s writing, we have carefully curated a diverse range of books for children with different reading abilities. We have also included a list of words for every chapter that children will find useful in their writing. QR codes for useful website links have been provided for some of the activities.

Reviews of this book:

Writing is an adventure, and adventures require imagination. What better way to do so than by creating your own Milky Way or soda geyser, becoming an avatar in a game, or composing your own song lyrics. These exercises are gems!

-Ms. Elaine Chiew, Writer, Teacher, Arts and Culture Reviewer, Researcher

Children, like adults, experience the world and construct meaning in a myriad of ways. How one child thinks and expresses ideas or emotions is never quite like another. This volume recognises and respects that uniqueness – by creating space for young writers to explore themes (and take on exciting projects!) ranging from magic to music, video games to fashion. Each chapter is filled with refreshing opportunities for linguistic, emotional and sensory engagement while remaining firmly grounded in pedagogical principles that optimise learning. I would love to integrate these activities into my classroom.

– Ms. Lam Lai Sheon, Head of English and Literature, IB teacher in an international school in Singapore

The third instalment of Claudine’s range of creative writing books is an engaging toolkit and a must-have in unleashing the creative juices of children. Thinking out of the box in a bid to come up with solutions to a problem triggers a child’s fertile imagination with awe and wonderment.

-Ms. Elaine Samboo, Head of English and Literature, MOE secondary school & mother

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