Magical Writing: Making the Impossible Possible (Online)


Make the writing experience magical for your child! In this online holiday programme, children get to learn a magic trick from a professional magician, perform the trick to an audience, and record the experience in writing. Suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

Learning objectives:

  1. Watch and participate in a magic show and learn to write from different points of view (audience and participants in a magic show), especially expressing emotions and thoughts of the different characters
  2. Learn how to confidently perform a magic trick and write about the process in an engaging manner
  3. Learn how to read the reactions of the audience and describe these reactions vividly and with sufficient details

 Specially targeted at weak areas in children’s writing

Choose from 4 sessions:

Mon 31 May, 10am–12pm & Tue 1 Jun, 10am–12.30pm (only 1 seat left!)
Wed 2 Jun, 10am–12pm & Thur 3 Jun, 10am–12.30pm (only 1 seat left!)
Mon 7 Jun, 10am–12pm & Tue 8 Jun, 10am–12.30pm
Wed 9 Jun, 10am–12pm & Thur 10 Jun, 10am–12.30pm

All sessions conducted via Zoom

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Scroll down to find out more about the holiday programme, including our interviews with Claudine Fernandez and Tommillusions, the COVID-19 refund policy and Frequently Asked Questions.


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⇑ Watch Artistic Strategies Academy founder Claudine Fernandez explain the key benefits of this holiday programme: learning by doing, more engaging and authentic writing, and the positive impact on a child’s emotional quotient.


⇑ Wonder how it would look like online? Watch this video to find out!


⇑ Watch this video to gain a glimpse of how your children will be coached to perform their own magic tricks!


⇑ Tommillusions and Claudine Fernandez reveal two more tricks and explain how the programme lays a foundation for more nuanced, expressive, and authentic writing.

Artistic Strategies Academy is proud to present a special two-day online holiday programme with Singapore’s premium magician, Tommillusions. Together, we have designed a one-of-a-kind workshop titled ‘Magical Writing: Making the Impossible Possible’.


Will there be magic?


Will there be writing?


In fact, we are focusing on areas that children tend to find challenging, including:

1. Expressing emotions and thoughts of different characters in the written form

2. Writing about a process in an engaging manner

3. Describing events vividly and in sufficient detail in their writing

This is a fantastic opportunity for them to work on their writing skills and pick up new techniques. So, don’t hesitate! Come join us for a spell-binding and unforgettable time this holiday.


‘Magical Writing’ Itinerary

Day 1
Tommillusions will perform a magic show. Students will get to be both participants and audience members, and they will write about their experiences.

Day 2
Students will learn to perform a magic trick and present it to their audience. They will write down the steps of this magic trick and also the experience of performing to a live audience.


As the lesson will be conducted via Zoom, we are limiting the number of children to a maximum of 5 per session to ensure optimal learning. All learning materials, including those needed for your children to perform the magic tricks, will be delivered to your doorstep at your preferred address!

We will also be recording the session for you and your children to enjoy together after the class.


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About the Magician, Tommillusions

Everybody can learn several basic magic tricks, but not everybody can turn magic into art. Singapore’s premium magician Tommillusions has been performing magic in corporate events and children’s parties for more than half a decade. He has won numerous accolades for his craft, including four Championship Gold Medals, two Gold Trophies, as well as a Best Performer Award in Singapore’s largest scale national competition—the famous Singapore Street Festival.

As a seasoned professional, Tommillusions has the ability to draw the audience in on diverse platforms, whether it is stage magic, close-up magic, or online!

Picture of Tommillusions, MagicianTommIllusion Logo

Visit the Tommillusions website here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of magic tricks will be shown or taught to the children?
They will be learning how to perform magic tricks with everyday objects.

Q2: Will there still be a magic show [now that the classes are held online]?
Yes! Our magician, Tommillusions, is experienced at performing magic shows online and will be able to deliver the same show as it was planned for the in-person classes.

Q3: Will the children be able to replicate these tricks on their own at home?

Q4: What materials would children need in order to participate in the online sessions?
All required materials will be sent via registered mail to you. This includes the handouts as well as the materials required for the hands-on activities.

We have customised the handouts and materials based on their levels:

  • Level 1: For children aged 6–7 with adequate scaffolding (support)
  • Level 2: For children aged 8–9 with a moderate amount of scaffolding
  • Level 3: For children aged 10–12 to allow students to be sufficiently challenged

Q5: Which platform will be used and how many children will there be per session?
We will be using Zoom and we will be recording the session for you as well. To ensure optimal learning, we are limiting the number of children to a maximum of 5 per session.

Q6: Will feedback be given to the children?
Yes! We will be marking their work and sending the soft copies back to them after every session. To do this, we would require parents’ assistance to send us photos of their completed work.

Q7: Do the children need to be accompanied by their parents during the sessions?
No, but children might require their parents’ help to set up at the start of the sessions.

Q8: Will the duration of the sessions be the same for the online sessions?
Yes, but we may factor in a few minutes break for the children to rest their eyes, get a drink or go to the restroom.

Q9: Will the children be just as engaged during the online sessions?
Yes! There will be various hands-on activities for them to participate in and they will definitely be amazed by the live magic show.

Q10: Are the dates the same for the online sessions?
Yes. The dates and timings are as follows:

Session 3: Mon 7 Jun, 10am–12pm & Tue 8 Jun, 10am–12.30pm (1 more vacancy)
Session 4: Wed 9 Jun, 10am–12pm & Thur 10 Jun, 10am–12.30pm (2 more vacancies)

Q11: Do we still get the buddy discount if we sign up with a friend.
Absolutely. Simply use the code buddydiscount10 upon checkout!


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