Makers Will Make

Makers Will Make (November/December Holiday Programme)



In this 2-day writing and creators workshop, children aged 6 to 16 will get the opportunity to create robots and design app interfaces for the future. By doing so, they will envision the needs of people living in the future and learn how to articulate these in writing.

By the end of the workshop, they will demonstrate, both in speech and in writing, how these games and apps work to serve the needs of future generations!

Note: The handouts for this workshop will be differentiated according to the age level of the participants. For group work, participants will be working with their peers from the same age group.

Cost: $200 per pax – First 10 sign-ups will receive a 3-D creation of their robots

*Each intake is limited to 10 participants.

Please fill in the form above BEFORE making payment. Payment by PayNow or interbank transfer is preferred.

The PayNow number is to UEN: 201914269D.

For interbank transfer, please transfer to Maybank Singapore, Account No.: 04131079929

Please email us at to let us know once the PayNow or interbank transfer has been done.