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To write a solid composition, you have to organise your ideas in a coherent and in-depth manner. But, how? Our narrative composition template can help! With a structured plan, our children can express their story ideas fully and overcome those paralysing writer’s blocks.

Our template contains top narrative techniques distilled into a cheery guide so that it is fun and easy to use.

Your child can use it at home, over and over again, to improve their writing.

We have even tested it ourselves: Students who used this template have improved by more than 60% in their composition grades!


So, what is in the narrative composition template?

  • A step-by-step guide on how to fully develop the different parts of a narrative composition (Introduction, Problem, Climax, Resolution and Ending)
  • Examples that prompt the child on how to take the writing further
  • A checklist to keep track of their progress at every stage
  • Spaces for doodling and notes, to flesh out their story ideas


Use it as a structured teaching resource in your child’s composition practices, or let the template guide them as they work independently.


How to purchase?

To purchase, simply add to cart and check out. We will email you the template and you can get started right away!


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