PSLE Compo: Standing Out From The Crowd

PSLE Compo: Standing Out From The Crowd


Product Description

When it comes to continuous writing, it is not enough to just write a decent composition that is organised. In order to get the best marks, the composition must stand out from the rest and not be one of the “run-of-the-mill” compositions that have been memorised from given templates.

So how exactly does your child make his/her compo stand out?

Our founder, Claudine Fernandez will be running a PSLE Composition Writing Intensive Course this September holidays to teach specific techniques that will give students an edge when it comes to acing the PSLE Continuous Writing section. Furthermore, these writing techniques are applicable to any short story even after the PSLE is over.

This is what she will cover:

Day 1 (Monday,9th of September): Writing a captivating hook (attention-grabbing beginning) to capture markers’ attention

Day 2 (Tuesday, 10th of September): Writing an engaging scene using sensorial imagery

Day 3 (Wednesday, 11th of September): Writing an effective dialogue between characters

Day 4 (Friday, 13th of September): Writing an impactful conclusion

Timings for all four days: 2-4pm

*Each intake is limited to 6 students.