The Essentials of Composition Writing (a guide for Parents and Teachers)


Composition writing is the stepping stone for children to develop useful writing skills. It not only contributes to their success as a student, but can aid in their expression and clarity of communication as adults. This guide in the form of bite-sized video tutorials, is a walk-through for parents and teachers on the elements behind composition writing, with clear tips and strategies for you to help your child become a stronger writer.

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What makes these classes different from others?

As a veteran English and literature teacher, Claudine Fernandez has spent 16 years teaching and assessing children at different levels in the Singapore school system, including an MOE school.

She combines her years of experience with consultation with PSLE markers to effectively prepare children to score the best mark possible for compositions.

These modules are:

✅ Instant

Have a teacher at your fingertips. Stream a module anytime and anywhere to access information about compositions. And because each module is broken down into smaller chunks of a few minutes each, it is easy to launch into the learning or to catch up from where you have left off. New modules are released every week.

✅ Informative

Have you ever wondered how to guide your child more effectively in composition writing? Writing can be a complex and stressful activity, but learning how to write well need not be so. Teacher Claudine presents the information in a clear and concise way. Additionally, she provides real-life examples from actual students’ work to illustrate her points.

✅ Resourceful

The videos are jam-packed with useful resources, such as:

1) Examples of how to plan for compositions

2) A detailed breakdown of each part of the composition

3) Insights into how PSLE examiners think when they are marking compositions


What’s included in this course?

      1. Introduction to Composition Writing

      2. Planning for Composition Writing

      3. The Actual Writing Process

       4. How are students being assessed

       5. How to prepare students


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