The Ultimate Writing Guide (hard copy)


A quintessential guide for young writers (8-12) who wish to improve their writing skills! This book contains step-by-step guides to master writing techniques, such as crafting a flashback or building suspense in a story. Additionally, examples are given for every topic so that the young writers will feel supported at every stage.

After using this guide, children will be:

✅ More confident in their writing skills and willing to try different techniques to sharpen their skills

✅ More versatile writers, using different ways to engage their readers

✅ More self-aware as writers, identifying their unique strengths

*Do note that this hard copy version is in black and white, with only 5 pages printed in colour.





Read the reviews written by our expert reviewers:

The Ultimate Writing Guide is a fantastic resource for the budding young writer. It provides wonderful tools by breaking down writing techniques into bite-sized examples and exercises that will no doubt engage children. I would recommend this guide to anyone with primary-aged children whether they are prolific or struggling writers. Thank you Artistic Strategies Academy!

-Bay Chern Chieh, Homeschooling Mother


A comprehensive and easy-to-use guide on how to write good stories. A good resource for teachers who struggle to teach writing and give examples to their students. I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of age, to pick up writing skills.

-Suszan Ortega, Former Senior Teacher at the Ministry of Education (Singapore)


This book is the ultimate ‘playbook’ for primary school students in composition writing. Nifty and useful strategies are right at students’ fingertips! I appreciate how the book can cater to both novice and expert writers. A must-have for all student writers!

-Monique Holdorff, Former English Teacher at the Ministry of Education (Singapore) and Owner of MM Education



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