unleash the creative genius
unleash the creative genius

Unleash the Creative Genius


Product Description

Who should attend: Children aged 6-12 years old
Day: Saturday, 8th February 2020, 1-2.30 pm
Cost: $10
Venue: Block 217 Bedok North Street 1 #02-69 S(460217)- 2 minutes away from Bedok Heartbeat


“I don’t know.” “I have no idea.”
Do these phrases sound familiar to you? Do you hear these answers whenever you ask your children for their opinion? Or do they stare blankly at you whenever they are required to think?
It is not because he or she is not creative. EVERY child can be creative if he or she is provided with the right guidance and nurturing.
At this special event, witness how we are able to unleash the creative genius in your child with our tried-and-tested methods inspired by Harvard University.
After just one hour, your child will be able to tell a creative and original story from scratch!
Be prepared to be amazed.


1-2 pm: Drop off your child at our Bedok centre and let us work our magic.

2-2.15 pm: Presentation of original and creative stories by the children

2.15-2.30 pm: Short presentation by Claudine Fernandez, Harvard graduate and Founder of Artistic Strategies Academy

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