Young Inventors Programme

Young Inventors™ Programme (November/December Holidays)




Product Description


Suitable for children aged 6 to 16 years

In this 3-day multi-intelligences programme, children get to build and make their own things such as games, art pieces and even robots as they find real solutions to real problems affecting children. They also get to take part in a Marshmallow Challenge as they work with their friends to build the highest marshmallow tower!

Based on Design Thinking Principles originally from Stanford University, the participants of this workshop will be doing the following:

Day 1 – Identifying problems

Day 2 – Hands-on and interactive creation of products using recycled materials

Day 3 – “Selling” their products

At every stage, children will be writing and journaling about their process leading up to their prototype. This ensures that they are actively thinking about how to problem solve and reflect on how to improve their design as they get feedback from their peers and teachers.

The presentation on Day 3 also trains them to be confident speakers & writers, as they persuade others to use their products as a viable solution.

Cost: $300 per pax

This includes all learning materials and a copy of the edited video clip of the presentation.

*Each intake is limited to 10 participants.

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