success blueprint for children

Dear Parents,

Would you like your children to master the process of learning? To internalise information and apply their learning easily?
Do you want to identify areas where they will thrive in life?
Do you want them to be confident individuals so that they will head down the right path?
Motivate them to reach their fullest potential while they’re removing stress and fear?
This is what it will take to succeed in school and in life.
When you know how your child operates, it becomes so much easier to help them be successful.
When you know what motivates your child, getting them to study and achieve their goals becomes simple.
When you uncover their fears, you can eliminate obstacles that are preventing them from being their best selves.
How do you do all that? I’m here to help!

Claudine's experience

As a Certified Stress Management and Behavioural consultant and an educator for more than 15 years with a Master's Degree in education (Harvard University), I will:


How is this done? Through a DISC profiling test that takes less than 7 minutes and a short interview session conducted by me to dive deeper into the child’s profile. Once the results have been analysed, I will conduct a thorough debrief with the parents through Zoom or in person.

As they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It is recommended that parents also undergo in the DISC profiling and analysis, not just to gain a better understanding of themselves but also of one another. In doing so, parents can work as a cohesive team to develop the child holistically.

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