A Bullying Incident

My name is Alyssa and I have Down Syndrome. I am in primary four. I had been bullied since I was very young but apart from all the stares I get from people, there are two bullies who make me feel the saddest; their names are Sally and Sasha. Ameera, my best friend, has always […]

A Special Gift

“That handphone is really amazing,’’ I told my friend, Katy, as we walked past a gadget shop. A brand new handphone was being displayed and I really wanted it. That was when an idea dropped into my mind. My fourteenth birthday was just around the corner and I could ask my parents to buy the […]

A Special Gift

​“I’m home, Lisa! Ben!’’ I ran upstairs to hug those bundles of joy. As they both hugged me, I told them that I had taken the week off from work. I wanted to spend the week with my family. They had faint smiles on their faces but I knew they were a little disappointed on […]

When I Grow Old

When I grow old, I will smile, When I am old, I will have knowledge. When I am old, I will be grateful, When I am old, I will ponder about youth. I will dance in the rain, with the wind in my hair, I will walk on grass, barefoot, the little blades on my […]

When I Grow Old

I wrote this poem because I wanted to pay a tribute to all the pioneers who discovered everything about the world. This poem was inspired by my grandparents who are generous, caring and considerate. Most people may not pay a lot of attention to the elderly. That’s why I wrote the poem as it is […]

The Country of My Dreams

The country of my dreams would be called “The Land of Clouds”. It is a kingdom up in the sky where different species of fairies and creatures live. There are also many beautiful landscapes there, such as the Silk Mountains and The Cloud Castle. The Cloud Castle is where my sister, Princess Ariette, and I […]

Imagine You Are Planet Earth

Dear earthlings, You are living inside me. If you are going to slowly kill me with air pollution, global warming, deforestation and many other things, then you won’t be around anymore. I am your only home and your only hope. Think wisely about your actions and start treating me as your one and only home. […]

A Safer Future

A safer future means less disasters, we are all brothers and sisters. We make the community clean and make the world more green. If the future is safe and peaceful, people could be more hopeful. The community brings us together, it makes us friends forever. Having a safer future makes you positive, it will make […]

A Day in the Life

If I were my country’s Head of Government for the day, it would be my job to help ensure a better future for the new generation by ensuring that they know what to do to have a better and brighter future. Firstly, I would plant more trees so that the children can learn to appreciate […]

Recipe for a Common Future

Ingredients: • 1⁄2 cup of cooperation • 1⁄2 cup of care mixed with 1⁄2 cup of respect. • 1 teaspoon of modern technology • 25 ml of ocean mixed with a pint of leaves from conserved forests surrounded by air. • 1⁄2 cup of quality education • 1⁄4 cup of fairness in workplaces • A […]


Sweetwoman lives in a sweet mansion suspended in the sky. Her house is made of different shades of pink and sweet cotton candy. It is spacious as there are two levels and on every level, there are five rooms. The other superheroes and superheroines often visit her and together, they experiment with different types of […]