How Do You Appreciate Your Grandparents

Soft, kind eyes looking up at me, Scent of roses, And mandarin tree. Wide smile, grinning all day. Kind expressions, And words to say. I wrap my parent’s parents, in a warm, long hug. I hold them tightly, As lint would to rug. I embrace them, and kiss their warm cheeks, I respect them and […]

Imagine You Are Planet Earth

How many years have I left to live, humans? I think it all depends on you! Day after day, you keep stealing portions of my wealth and make me poorer. Not only that, you misuse me, abuse me so much that I will be ultimately destroyed. Why are you so reckless, humans? Your carelessness has […]

Welcoming an Overseas Visitor

Dear Sophie, I heard that you are coming to Singapore for the first time. I look forward to taking you to some of our famous attractions. After arriving in Singapore, you might want to relax at Gardens by the Bay. There, you will experience the scenic greenery in the Green House and climb up the […]