Falling Sick

“Mum! I am leaving!” James called out to his mother while he was tying his shoelace. It was a windy Tuesday morning. The weather was not in his favour. The day had started with dark, ominous clouds, threatening to unleash a fury of rain. James overslept because his alarm had failed to ring and was […]

A Major Change

Mary had always wanted a pet dog. Whenever she saw her friend’s pet dogs, she would always ask her mother if she could adopt one. Unfortunately, the answer was always a “no” because her mother did not think that she was ready to own a pet. However, when the day finally did come, it changed […]

Facing Fears

“We’ve signed the whole family up for an exclusive nature hike in Elmcroft Nature Reserve!” replied Joyce excitedly. “Thanks for signing us up. I can’t wait!” Charlie loved everything about nature (except the spiders). However, Charlie should have known before that there would be a catch. When he decided to search for more information about […]