If I were my country’s Head of Government for the day, it would be my job to help ensure a better future for the new generation by ensuring that they know what to do to have a better and brighter future.

Firstly, I would plant more trees so that the children can learn to appreciate nature and encourage them to not litter as it is harmful to our environment. This way, it would make the world a cleaner, greener, and better place. I would work with the Ministry of Natural Cleanliness to promote recycling, cleaning up trash from beaches and planting trees. This might even interest the children and motivate them to start planting trees, recycling and to not litter. When the children collaborate, they will influence the new generation to save the environment.

Next, I would organise events where children can learn about saving the earth. I feel that saving the Earth is important because if our natural resources run out, our chances of survival will deteriorate rapidly so we must all do our part to ensure a better place for everyone. We can all play a part by recycling recyclable materials. Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling will help to reduce the pollution caused by waste. We can recycle almost everything, such as rigid plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, metals, glass, and even more. We can even upcycle, also known as “creative reuse”, which is turning unwanted items into useful objects that we can use every day. I would task the Ministry of Recycling to organise events to promote upcycling and using unwanted plastic bags, cans and paper to make into wallets and pencil cases.

Recycling is as important as protecting the environment. I would encourage both children and adults to save electricity to prevent global warming as global warming is making the icebergs in the north and south pole melt, leading to frequent floods. As a result, many lives would be lost especially for countries that are located near the north and south poles. Other than that, the Earth’s temperature would rise and forest fires would occur. Forest fires create haze and air pollution that can not only spread to other neighbouring countries, but also be detrimental to our health. Animals are also changing migration patterns and it could even cause their extinction. We simply must protect animals and their habitats.

Protecting the environment is important but education is just as important. The Ministry of Education can organise field trips to historical sites so learning will be much more interactive. Individuals will also be able to find out about our country’s history so we will not repeat our mistakes and know where we come from. History helps us understand change and how the society we live in came to be. They can also learn about global issues so that they would be more aware of them and be more motivated to help those who are less fortunate than them.

We should also help them to discover their ambitions so they can begin pursuing their dreams. Having goals would make them feel even more excited and eager to live more meaningful lives. According to research, only 6% of children pursue their ambition so we must help them to make their ambition possible so they would not give up and be successful and have a contented life in the future.

I would also want children to learn about equal rights. Eons ago, men and women were treated differently. Women were always looked down on and we do not want this to repeat. Equal rights between the genders are important, so I will enforce a policy that men would get the same salary as women. After all, people should be judged based on their own capabilities.

Therefore, a well-rounded education is important. I would also improve the quality of education by creating special classes for students who require personal help in their studies. This way, they will gain confidence in their own abilities I will also set up charities so that people can help donate money to the impoverished so that they can have an education and gain better jobs to break the poverty cycle that they are in.

To conclude, I hope that in the future, the world would be a better place and that people would work together to achieve this dream.