“Goodness me! I need some entertainment!” Steve exclaimed. Steve was at home alone and had finished his homework for the day. His mother, Mrs. Tan, was at the mall and his older brother had tennis CCA that day. His father was at work. So, they left Steve at home alone. Steve got up and plonked himself lazily on the sofa and turned on the television. All of a sudden, Steve’s stomach growled loudly. He knew that all that math, English, Chinese and science homework had made him peckish. He got off the couch and walked towards the kitchen as if it were calling out his name.

Steve entered the kitchen and saw his favourite snack on the top of the refrigerator, chocolate-chip cookies. Steve licked his lips at the thought of sinking his teeth into a few cookies. He grabbed a stool from the bathroom and placed it in front of the refrigerator. He hopped onto the stool like an eager beaver. He stretched his arm and just when it felt like his arm could not go any further, he caught hold of the jar and took it off the refrigerator. He beamed with satisfaction as he opened the jar, and the scent of chocolate-chip cookies filled the air.

Steve put his hand into the jar and pulled out a cookie the size of his palm. Steve sunk his teeth into the confectionery and chewed on it noisily. Steve gobbled down the cookies like there was no tomorrow as he feared that his mother would be home any minute and catch him red-handed. He put them into his mouth one by one he let the sweet chocolate taste penetrate his taste buds.

When he decided he had filled up his stomach, he noticed a bit of satisfaction spring inside him and he could not stop himself. He felt possessed as he moved his hand through the jar and kept on taking cookies until the jar was close to being empty. He then muttered to himself, “Thank goodness there are no more cookies left. I am already starting to feel slightly bloated.” Finally, he put the empty jar back on top of the refrigerator.

As he sat on the sofa 20 minutes later watching his favourite television show, he felt a sudden pain in his stomach. He bent down in agony. As he was too engrossed in the show, he decided it was not worth his time to do anything about it.

That night, when Steve and his family sat down at the dinner table to have their evening meal, Mrs Tan smelt a rat as Steve kept groaning and had not touched his food. His father, Mr. Tan, and his brother, Alex, had not noticed as they were too busy devouring their food.

When Steve had retired for the day, his mother stormed into the bedroom with one question. “Steve! Did you eat all the cookies?” His mother asked furiously after she had found the empty cookie jar.

Steve started to panic. He knew that he had no choice but to confess to his mother. Mrs. Tan gave her son a hard lecture on self-control and stripped him of all privileges for a month. She banned him from playing video games and eating sweet foods such as cookies and cake for a month. He did not just suffer from being deprived of these, but he also had a severe stomachache later that night and eventually, a huge cavity in his teeth. He felt terrible and regretful of his actions. He realised that for his own sake, he should practise self-control in the future, which he did.