A safer future means less disasters,
we are all brothers and sisters.

We make the community clean
and make the world more green.

If the future is safe and peaceful,
people could be more hopeful.

The community brings us together,
it makes us friends forever.

Having a safer future makes you positive,
it will make you more attentive.

The future can be safer
if we work together.

No poor, no poverty,
happiness for the majority.

People should have equality
and people will be happy for eternity.

I wish there was no corrupt government,
so there will be less judgement.

If we have good education,
there will be a prosperous nation.

We want to end war
but people go against the law.

We want to end murder
but there is no world order.

People use nuclear arms
without any alarms.

Our data is being monitored,
privacy is not ensured.

No security,
less sincerity.

Less drugs,
more hugs.

A safer future will have no criminal activity,
there will be more festivity.

Showing empathy to our neighbours
will encourage us to show care to others.

We have to care for strangers,
like cleaners and construction workers.

We can be a prosperous country
if we have a successful community.

Skin colour does not make you superior
and you have no right to be make others feel inferior.

People must be aware
about others’ welfare.

I wrote this poem to tell you what we need to do to have a safer future to us and our community. It is important to have a safer future because we can enjoy a peaceful environment around us. We can also focus on our work as there will be no unnecessary distractions happening around us. The rhyme in the poem makes it more interesting to read.