​“I’m home, Lisa! Ben!’’ I ran upstairs to hug those bundles of joy. As they both hugged me, I told them that I had taken the week off from work. I wanted to spend the week with my family. They had faint smiles on their faces but I knew they were a little disappointed on the inside. I had hardly spent time with my children, so I thought that they would be excited to see me, However, I had second thoughts when I saw they unenthusiastic reaction.

I took a quick shower to refresh myself. I was already tired and did not want to pursue the matter. I took a stroll towards my children’s room, hoping to have a nice family talk. As I pulled open the door slightly, I peeked and saw both of them handling some art supplies that lay on the wooden floor. There were paints, markers and even a few white mugs! I wondered what the art materials were for as I opened the door fully. As Ben and Lisa saw me, they immediately told me not to bother them and to leave them alone, I felt upset and wondered why they did not want me with them. I sighed as my head hung low and walked back to my room to sleep. I was as disappointed as a student who had failed an important examination. I was expecting them to let me in and give them their special hug! It was the hug that we always used when one of us feels happy, sad or grumpy. It helped everyone grow closer.

The next morning, I was getting irritated, Ben and Lisa had been ignoring me for a while then and I had a feeling that it was the cause of the new computer I had given them. My wife, Becky, told me that they have been playing with it too much the week before. I texted them, as I was at a cafe with Becky, ‘’Dear children, would you like to go out for a family lunch later on?’’ When I saw a “No,” I angrily stormed out of the cafe with Becky trying to calm me down. My eyes were full of fully as I drove back home. I quickly went upstairs to Ben and Lisa’s room and knocked on the door. ‘’Ben! Lisa! Open the door now!’’ I saw the door crack open as I saw their terrified faces. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ Lisa squeaked as Ben stared angrily at her. Lisa hopped towards her mini-safe and took out a big box. She handed the box to me as I was confused. ‘’We made these for you. That’s why we could not really spend time with you.’’ I unwrapped it and saw a beautifully decorated, personalised white mug and many cards with stickers thanking me. They were the best gifts I had ever received, given that they have spent a lot of time making them. I knew those gifts were the most special ones to me. I felt very guilty on the inside as my eyes welled up with tears. I hugged my children and they hugged me back. The special hug was in action!

I was very touched by their thoughtful actions and that they had put in so much effort to surprise me and make gifts for me. They were also very young, so I felt even more touched that they had made it all by themselves. I could not believe that I was mad at them for something they did not do. I hugged my tiny little ‘monsters; and apologised for all my mistakes. I realised that I was wrong for thinking that they did not want to spend time with me I loved that gift as it was made with time and effort. It was also made by my precious children. They had smiles on their faces as I hugged them. I guessed that they had forgiven me. At least, I hoped so. They both seemed relieved too, as they did not get scolded by me. I knew that as even though they were silent, they had grateful looks on their faces.

From this incident, I learnt that I should not assume things before finding out about them. I do not want to accuse my sweet little angels again! I loved the special gift that my children made for me. I have not received so special a gift since I married Becky before that incident.