“Tim, I know what to get for our father’s birthday tomorrow’’, John whispered to Tim.

“Yeah? What?’’ Tim asked.

“An autographed jersey of the famous basketball player, Thomas Koh! I bought it at a garage sale a few blocks down the road. It was worth a fortune,’’ John answered.

“You’re a genius, John! Dad’s a huge fan of Thomas Koh!’’ Tim said in a satisfied way.

After school that day, Tim and John found out that their pet dog, K-nine, a jack russell, had urinated on the autographed jersey. John panicked and so, Tim had to help him pull himself together.

“Let’s just use the washing machine,’’ Tim suggested. John agreed.

“John, remember to set the washing machine to ‘Delicate Mode’. We do not want the signature to fade,’’ Tim reminded.

When the washing machine was done washing the jersey, Tim took it out. The autograph was gone! He then questioned John who concluded that he must have accidentally set the washing machine to ‘Stain Remover’ mode.

“This is all your fault!’’ Tim accused Jon.

“But it was my idea,’’ John replied angrily.

“Yeah! An idea that you failed to execute!’’ Tim snapped with rage.

“There is no point fighting now! The damage has been done,’’ John calmed down.

“We need to come up with a plan,’’ Tim agreed but was still irritated with John. They decided they would think of a plan after dinner, which was ready on the table. That moment was a blessing in disguise. Their father was surprised that they were going to a basketball game where Thomas Koh was playing. After dinner, they discussed a plan.

“Tomorrow morning, remember to bring the jersey. We do not want to have another problem,’’ John explained.

The next day, Tim put the jersey in the bag as planned. John and Tim then headed for the car and left When it was halftime, their father left for the restroom. At that moment, John and Tim approached Thomas Koh’s manager. They explained the whole incident in record time. After a long pause, Thomas Koh’s manager agreed to pass the jersey to Thomas Koh to get it autographed again.

After half a minute, John and Tim got the autograph they wanted and ran back to their seats. Their father was there waving at them.

“Happy Birthday!’’ they shouted. They gave him the jersey and their father was on cloud nine. He gave them a big hug. They continued to watch the game, cheering on Thomas Koh’s team, after half time. After the game, they went back him and their father thanked Tim and John again for all the effort they had gone through just to give him an autographed jersey. Tim and John realised that quarrelling does not help a situation but actually slows it down. Instead, they should look for solutions together.