“Mum! I am leaving!” James called out to his mother while he was tying his shoelace. It was a windy Tuesday morning. The weather was not in his favour. The day had started with dark, ominous clouds, threatening to unleash a fury of rain. James overslept because his alarm had failed to ring and was running late for school. He gave a lovely kiss to his mother. Within minutes, he was out of the house, running to school, trying to beat the clock.

James is a Primary 4 student who lives near his school. Hence, it is convenient for him to walk to school. Just as James darted into the school building, the first raindrops began to fall. He was relieved that he did not get wet.

That day, he enjoyed having his lessons and playing with his friends during recess. As he was shoving his books inside his bag, lightning flashed and thunder followed. Before James left, he needed to take out his umbrella from his bag. “Oh no! I forgot to pack my umbrella!” exclaimed James who was shocked by his forgetfulness. By this time, his friends had already made a beeline out of school. “It is only a short walk home. Besides, the rain has already subsided,” he assured himself as he walked out of school. Unfortunately, the rain had a mind of its own and it was pouring cats and dogs after some time. By the time James got home, he was drenched from head to toe.

When James walked through his front door, James’ mother had a look of utter worry on her face. She ran towards her soaking wet son and quickly dried him off with a towel. She gave James warm food and rest. However, by evening, James’s mother noticed that his eyes were droopy and his face was as white as a sheet. She took James’s temperature and knew immediately that James had a fever. She called a doctor to their house to diagnose him. The doctor examined him and wrote the prescription for his medicines. James was given a two-day medical certificate. She thanked the doctor and he left. As he wanted to recover as soon as possible, James had lots of rest and followed the doctor’s instructions.

In two days, James was back on the path walking to school, relieved that he was finally out of bed. He was happy to see all his friends and teachers again. He felt that falling sick was the worst experience ever. Not only did he have to miss his lessons, but he would also be separated from his friends. Through this experience, he realised that even if he was in a rush, he should quickly check that he was prepared with all the essentials.