How many years have I left to live, humans? I think it all depends on you! Day after day, you keep stealing portions of my wealth and make me poorer. Not only that, you misuse me, abuse me so much that I will be ultimately destroyed.

Why are you so reckless, humans? Your carelessness has resulted in my forests burning. Oh, my skin is singed! The thick black smoke chokes me. Where will my creations, animals and plants go? So many of them are already gone from my home and I will never be able to find them again. Due to lack of water, many of my plants are rapidly dying of thirst. Meanwhile, you humans have occupied all my land and refuse to share it with the animals and plants. They have as much right to live in my home as you do! Will I ever see them anymore? Again, this is your choice, humans.

Why are you so reckless, humans? You have even transformed my climate to immeasurable proportion! My ice sheets are meant to keep you cool, but are you protecting them? No, you are not! You are making my waters rise as I get hotter and hotter. Polar bears and other Arctic creatures are now homeless! In fact, you will be affected too as your homes are being drowned and destroyed by flash floods. My ozone layer is meant to keep the sun’s ultraviolet rays from reaching you, but you are not grateful for it at all! Instead, you are making holes in it, giving me a fever and making all of you feel hot and bothered. My trees are also being cut down for your own selfish purposes, contributing to making my climate warmer.

When I see you sit back and do nothing about my situation, I feel afraid that I will lose my wealth over the next couple of years and that I will shrivel up and die. Or that you will abandon me and that I will no longer be special to you. Simultaneously, anger sweeps over me to think that you humans care so little about me. Of late, I have unleashed my fury to show what I am capable of if you treat me shabbily. Don’t you experience deadly weather patterns from time to time? Earthquakes, hurricanes, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions… the list is endless! I hope you will learn your lesson soon, humans.

All I expect from you is to care a little less about fulfilling your selfish desires and care a little more by changing your lifestyle. I have a few ideas of my own. Perhaps you could switch to using solar power and wind power so as not to waste my resources. Or you could use reusable water bottles instead of drinking from mineral water bottles which are piling up in my landfills after use as trash! Maybe you could avoid wasting food and only take what you can finish. What about spreading awareness in the community on how young people are banding together to root for me or how concerned individuals have started campaigns to plant trees or to recycle. You can play an active role too. Thankfully, even world leaders are working to stop global warming. Seeing this, I feel a little heartened by the fact that I might be restored to my original glory.

With a greener world, you are in for a treat! You can breathe in my fresh air, drink my clean water and stroll around in my parks with more plants and animals than you have ever seen. Once I become calmer, you won’t have to face my wrath with natural disasters! With less landfills and garbage cluttering up my ample space, children would have larger areas to run and play.

In the future, you would live a better quality of life, all because you took the effort to clean up after the mistakes you made and saved me from destruction. All of you are as special to me as I am to you! You can enjoy my goodness forever if only you appreciate me in return.