The country of my dreams would be called “The Land of Clouds”. It is a kingdom up in the sky where different species of fairies and creatures live. There are also many beautiful landscapes there, such as the Silk Mountains and The Cloud Castle. The Cloud Castle is where my sister, Princess Ariette, and I live. It is very majestic and magical. The walls are painted skilfully using very realistic colours and paints. The Silk Mountains are towering, with many mountain goats living there.

There are also all kinds of fairies living in The Land of the Clouds. When the Dreamer Fairies sleep in a cave in Silk Mountain, they dream about happy things and they produce silk that the Weaver Fairies use to weave the clouds skilfully. But there is one Dreamer Fairy that is special. When she dreams at night, she produces Rainbow Silk that is used to make a cloud up in the sky called the “Emotion Cloud”.

If the people in the land are happy, the cloud will turn yellow, the colour of happiness. But if the people are sad, the cloud will turn blue, the colour of sadness. Usually, the people are as happy as larks because they all live together in harmony. It is like an ecosystem. Everyone plays their part in doing something for the country. For example, there is no shortage of food. That is because the Fruit Fairies grow and plant some seeds in the Fluffy Forest so that fruit trees will grow for the people in the kingdom to eat.

The Fruit Fairies are also helping the Royal Jeweller, who collects berries from the Fluffy Forest, turns them into gems and decorates them on the Royal Family’s crowns and tiaras for them to wear.

One of the drinks in the Land of Clouds is special and it cures diseases. It is called the “Rainbow Medicine”, which can be found when the Rainbow Volcano erupts. When it erupts, it will produce the Rainbow Medicine. The fairies and creatures there drink it when they are sick or unhealthy.

Whenever fairies from other kingdoms visit, the Fruit Fairies will always give them a delicacy called Licorice Berries before they leave. This delicacy can be found in the Fluffy Forest when the Fruit Fairies plant its seeds. These berries can also boost your immune system.

The citizens are happy living there, as all their neighbours are helpful and kind. Every fairy or creature in the Land of Clouds lives peacefully together.

The End


Thank you distinguished judges for reading my idea of my dream country. What inspired me to write this idea was a book about five young girls who are very adventurous and go on many adventures with each other. One of their adventures to a cloud land inspired me to write this idea. I added some extra parts to the idea so that it would be more interesting. I hope you think my idea was creative. 🙂

~Rizqin Nasuha