Dear Sophie,

I heard that you are coming to Singapore for the first time. I look forward to taking you to some of our famous attractions.

After arriving in Singapore, you might want to relax at Gardens by the Bay. There, you will experience the scenic greenery in the Green House and climb up the tall, purple supertrees. Did you know that the supertrees use the light in the daytime to operate its rainbow lights at night? Some say that director James Cameron was inspired by it and designed his set in the movie “Avatar” based on the scenery in Gardens by the bay. I think that you will be mesmerised after visiting this attraction.

I would also like to share with you another exciting attraction on an oshore island called Sentosa. Although there are many fun attractions in Sentosa, in my opinion, the best attraction is The Luge. I assure you that this will be the most enjoyable experience you will have in Singapore. Firstly, you will get to ride on a “Skyrider” and admire the view from the top. Next, you will get to ride in a tiny car. When you are in the car, you will need to pull back the handles to accelerate. You could go at a rapid speed or take it at your own pace, moving slowly. There are four dierent trails that you can ride on with the car. My favourite is the Jungle Trail as it has a lot of sharp turns and curvy twists. It is very adrenaline pumping. You could also race with your friends to see who is the fastest. When the ride ends, you will converge with the other three trails and take a picture. I hope you will remember Singapore for this unique attraction.

The dierent ethnic groups in Singapore have dierent cultural holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. As you will be arriving in June, you will get to see what happens when Ramadan ends. The Muslims start fasting during Ramadan when they are only supposed to eat before and after sunset. Ramadan is the holy month and Muslims fast to make sacrifices to become better people. It also urges Muslims to empathise with the less fortunate who do not have enough to eat. When you arrive in Singapore, it would be the middle of the Ramadan period and you will be able to visit the stalls at Geylang Serai bazaar selling various snacks. These snacks are both colourful and unique, such as the Galaxy Milkshake, colourful noodles, rainbow bread, metallic drinks and many more. You will definitely enjoy these delicious snacks.

As Singapore is a multicultural district, there are places representing our dierent races in its decorations, such as Little India for the Indians, Kampong Glam for the Malays and Chinatown for the Chinese.

Kampong Glam has a lot of unusual shops that you cannot find in the city, such as shops that make perfumes without alcohol, places that sell batik cloths to make dresses and restaurants that make delectable delights. Kampong Glam also has a heritage centre which is about Malay history and exhibits how the wealthy Malay ancestors lived.

Although Kampong Glam is very interesting and extraordinary, it should not be overshadowed by Little India. Little India, which is for the Indians, is a remarkably bright and vibrant place, especially at night. During Deepavali, there would be luminous lanterns dangling around sculptures to make shapes of animals, making Little India much more radiant and vivid than before. Little India also has sumptuous delicacies, such as Roti Prata, which I have declared my favourite snack. I usually tend to add some sugar to accompany the salty snack.

As for Chinatown, it has a lot of shops packed together by a closed-off road. The minute you step into Chinatown, you would be able to hear the hawkers’ loud yelps to purchase their goods. Many people come to buy Chinese New Year decorations here.

Now that I have finished sharing about Singapore, I would like to know more about France. What are some specific holidays that you celebrate? What kind of local delicacies do you have? When you arrive in Singapore, I have many questions to ask you. I am very excited to see you in Singapore.

I hope you will enjoy your visit to Singapore!

Yours sincerely, Nadia