I wrote this poem because I wanted to pay a tribute to all the pioneers who discovered everything about the world. This poem was inspired by my grandparents who are generous, caring and considerate. Most people may not pay a lot of attention to the elderly. That’s why I wrote the poem as it is to encourage and inspire people to be caring of elderly people and treat them well! Overall, this poem is for my grandma who makes the special effort to wake up at 6.00 A.M. to cook breakfast and make lunch for me to bring to school. She always treats me to delicious things and has been caring for me for all my 11 years. Please treat your grandparents and the elderly well; they are hidden gems in the world, waiting for us to discover!

~When I Grow Old~

When I grow old,
I would have traveled the world. Learnt Latin, Spanish and Greek
And met animals that are big, bulky or sleek Went to every nook, cranny and creek

When I grow old,
I would have explored the world.

Met people around the globe,
No matter whether they were black, white or yellow.
Some of them were very mellow, While others were very bubbly!

When I grow old,
I would have read all of the books in the world Learnt every word, vowel and phrase. And did every Sudoku maze
Learned about every food and spice, Went to Disneyland to lecture them about the unpleasant
Food they sell there.
And in my spare time,

Gone to ride on the merry-go-round mares.

When I grow old,
I would stay at home.
And wait and watch grass grow, Read and re-read,
My favourite book.

That’s how I would’ve done everything in the world…
When I grow old.