July 21, 2021

Our Teachers

The Magic Makers (Teachers) of ASA

Our teachers are one of a kind. Read all about them and their special abilities!

Teacher Aileen

Special ability: To find the perfect images and visuals to enhance her students’ learning

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Ms Aileen has been working tirelessly with our Artistic Strategies Academy students since early 2020 to spur their interest in the written word and level up their writing skills. She puts in extra effort to curate images and videos to aid the students visually in their learning.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She is completing her degree in English (Literature) at Nanyang Technological University.⁠

⭐️ She has dabbled in various forms of writing, including fiction, creative non-fiction, entertainment journalism and professional book reviews. She even hopes to publish her own book someday.⁠

⭐️ The independent research paper that she did for the GCE A-Levels, titled 'She & I—The Female Self', explores how female literary characters reclaim their identities through the first-person 'I'. She received a distinction for that thesis.⁠

You are likely to find her with her face buried in a book, written by either a female or Asian writer, and most often both. Definitely a model reader and writer, especially for young girls!⁠

Teacher Clara

Special ability: To speak soothingly and in a nurturing manner to her students

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Ms Clara has honed her communication and marketing skills over the years, creating engaging content and writing succinct copy for one of Singapore's leading hospitality operators.⁠

Whether she is writing for a specific audience or writing to express herself creatively, Ms Clara is clear in her approach and translates this know-how into her teaching practice.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated from Singapore Management University with a degree in Business Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications.⁠

⭐️ As an avid volunteer, Ms Clara has participated and served as facilitator and programme lead in camps to befriend and support persons with intellectual disabilities. As part of these camps, she has mentored youths-at-risk to guide them in their interactions with the beneficiaries.⁠

⭐️ She studied Korean in South Korea for five months! ⁠

In her spare time, you can find her nose deep in a book (she enjoys both fiction and non-fiction).⁠

Teacher Damian

Special ability: To connect on a deeper level with his students

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Mr Damian's friendly and approachable demeanour makes him a likeable teacher whom students can relate to. They feel safe to express themselves even when they are struggling.⁠

He is also skilled at facilitating learning through games. Besides making it fun, he often uses an encouraging tone to keep everyone engaged.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ He graduated from the National University of Singapore with an Honours degree in Social Sciences: a double major in Social Work (Honours) and Economics.⁠

⭐️ As a recipient of the NCSS Social Service Award, he is experienced in the field of social service and led various initiatives to support the elderly, people with disabilities, and other minority groups such as foreign domestic workers.⁠

⭐️ Besides being proficient in English, he is also proficient in Mandarin, Malay, and Tennis (as a sport)!⁠

Although writing can be stressful for some children, a teacher like Mr Damian can set up the right environment to help them reach their potential and to love being creative writers.⁠

Teacher Lili

Special ability: To spread her jolly energy and vivacious perception

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A music and dance teacher since 2011, she enjoys working with children as it is fun and fulfilling. When Ms Lili is not teaching, she flexes her critical thinking muscles in theatre as a production manager, which she savours for the collaborative and decisive work that she gets to do.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated with an Upper 2nd Class Honours degree in Theatre Practice (Technical and Production Management) from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London.⁠

⭐️ She is the recipient of several awards and scholarships, including the Zubir Said Scholarship in 2017 and 2018 (for her strong record of community involvement and arts practice) and the Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Distinction Award in 2016 (which recognises youths who can be role models in their community).⁠

⭐️ She travelled often with Singapore's first fully professional Malay dance company, performing at traditional cultural festivals overseas and serving as the company ambassador.⁠

Our students will be inspired to do better through her rich experiences in various creative and cultural arenas. After all, language and writing is inextricably linked to culture and the wider world we live in.⁠

Teacher Mag

Special ability: To be sensitive to her students’ needs and use drama to engage them

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An established stage manager for live productions including children's shows such as Charlotte's Web, The Princess and the Pea, and the musical, A Year with Frog and Toad, she is now following in her mother's footsteps as a teacher, carrying the steadfast belief that 'To teach is to touch a life forever'.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She has a Master of Science degree in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.⁠

⭐️ She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Technical Theatre from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.⁠

⭐️ Having been with us since 2019, she finds that teaching at Artistic Strategies Academy is purpose-filled on a dual level:⁠

1️⃣ With a small teacher-to-student ratio, teachers can craft each lesson based on the unique needs and artistic inclinations of individual students.⁠

2️⃣ Hence, teachers and students are encouraged to exercise their creativity and maximise their potential in every class.⁠

🌟 Additionally, Ms Magdalene is the Centre Manager for our Ang Mo Kio branch, working hard to ensure that operations are in order.

You can see how Teacher Mag, as she is known to her students, is a perfect fit for what we strive to deliver at Artistic Strategies Academy: more confident and competent writers, through classes buzzing with creative energy.⁠

Teacher Megan

Special ability: To identify, with great accuracy and speed, the strengths and areas of improvement of students

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Although she has been with Artistic Strategies Academy for only a short while, Ms Megan has become competent at teaching and mentoring very quickly. She is often sharp at identifying a child’s strengths and weaknesses, thus she is able to modify her approach with each child accordingly to bring out the best in them.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐ She graduated from Nanyang Technological University with an honours degree in English.⁠

⭐ Apart from teaching, she does performance and research work on nature, body, gender and culture. She does this to learn and connect with the world around us—a world which we tend to neglect. Working with young students then becomes a way to share these experiences, which she believes are pivotal in moving towards more positive change in society.⁠

⭐ She joined Artistic Strategies Academy as she wanted to share her processes of learning how to write and enjoy writing. She hopes to not only help young students to find a voice in the way they write but also free themselves in what and how they write.⁠

🌟 Additionally, Ms Megan is the Centre Manager for our Bedok branch, working hard to ensure that operations are in order.

This is our passionate arts practitioner, storyteller and educator rolled into one.

Teacher Michele Lim

Special ability: To challenge any student to achieve ‘next level’ success

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As an avid reader, Ms Michele shares her love for reading with our students, inspiring them to widen their repertoire of books.⁠

Importantly, she embodies a design mindset which is solution-focused and inventive, so Ms Michele is well-poised to teach 21st century competencies to our students.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a Masters of Architecture, after achieving First Class Honours for her Architecture degree.⁠

⭐️ As a recipient of several scholarships and awards including Dean's List and Best Student awards, she inculcates the same values of consistent effort and diligence to the students.⁠

⭐️ She draws many parallels between education and designing, passionately conducting her own research on top of our regular teacher training sessions to better her teaching practice.⁠

Children will find themselves inspired by Ms Michele's creative and visionary ways.

Teacher Michelle Liew

Special ability: To be bubbly at all times and make lessons fun through games

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As someone whose passion lies at the intersection of arts and community, Ms Michelle enjoys meeting children and families from different walks of life. In particular, she derives satisfaction from exercising creativity to design safe yet playful spaces for meaningful dialogue.⁠

In class, this translates to plenty of opportunities for the young ones to engage in deeper and more fruitful thinking and conversations.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated from the National University of Singapore with an honours degree in History.⁠

⭐️ As a writer and researcher herself, she demonstrates how the pen has power to forge change in society, one word at a time; her latest work is an important case study on building communities using cultural approaches.⁠

⭐️ She spent several years post-graduation sharpening her communication and facilitation skills as she designed and produced projects for arts and community practitioners to exchange knowledge and skills.⁠

Let Ms Michelle spark your child's interest and curiosity in the wider world that we live in and take their love for writing to another level.⁠

Teacher Millie

Special ability: To make her students feel calm and relaxed yet motivated to excel

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She is quite the linguist. Besides having a strong grasp on English, she is also fluent in Mandarin, Iban, and Malay, allowing her to communicate effectively with children from different backgrounds while bringing them up to speed in the English language.⁠

And as a former student of the Gifted Education Programme, Ms Millie has a keen understanding of how to stretch able students so that they can work towards their fullest potential.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated from University of California, Berkeley with an honours degree majoring in Economics, with a minor in Music.⁠

⭐️ She has more than a decade of experience teaching piano and music theory.⁠

⭐️ She has performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall as a soprano member of the Singapore Symphony Chorus.⁠

⭐️ She spent three years in Sarawak as a full-time volunteer teacher, teaching the local community in their mother tongue, Iban.⁠

You can be sure that Ms Millie has vast and culturally rich experiences to draw on to make writing classes fun and enriching.⁠

Coupled with solid teaching techniques from Artistic Strategies Academy and her nurturing personality, we are confident that children under Ms Millie will mature into writers who can stand on their own.⁠

Teacher Ria

Special ability: To build rapport through humour and discussion of interesting topics

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Ms Ria has experience in writing for readers in both long and short-form mediums as a content producer and writer. Taking those experiences, she has gone on to help our students be more original, meaningful, and engaging in their writing.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated with an Honours Degree in Communication Studies from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, which is regarded as one of the top schools in communication and information worldwide.⁠

⭐️ She served as the video editor for the award-winning film ‘Living in Chains’, which features Pasung, a human rights issue prevalent in Indonesia. She went on to direct her own documentary titled ‘Through the Waves’.⁠

⭐️ She successfully coached our student, Elizabeth Loo, to win an award for her tastefully written poem, ‘When I Grow Old’. It was specially penned for a writing contest organised by St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons.

P.S. The beautiful oil portrait of Ms Ria is by artist, Chonge⁠.

Teacher Taufiq

Special ability: To bring out the best in his students and to make them feel at ease

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Mr Taufiq has been with us since 2018 and is a passionate educator. He has years of experience teaching English not just to children, but also to teenage and adult learners who are non-native English language speakers, meaning that he has a solid grasp of common issues faced in learning the language and how to tackle them.⁠

In Artistic Strategies Academy, Mr Taufiq does this by integrating art techniques with creative writing to help the children excel and to love the written word.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Murdoch University Singapore.⁠

⭐️ He also has a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults qualification.⁠

⭐️ When he is not reading, gaming, or playing badminton, he enjoys delving deep into the complex worlds of Interstellar and Inception.⁠

Mr Taufiq is personable and approachable, so be sure to say hi when you see him!

Teacher Tiffany

Special ability: To be very meticulous and thorough while being a child’s biggest cheerleader

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Ms Tiffany is a firm believer in Artistic Strategies Academy's approach to education; using the arts, technology and gamification to ignite a love of creative writing in our students.⁠

She specialises in bringing out the effective communicator in children, having garnered over six years of working experience in the communications and research fields.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She has an Honours degree from Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.⁠

⭐️ She was on the team working on the now ratified EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement and later moved on to doing poverty research for an internationally known charity.⁠

⭐️ She doubles up as our media relations person, working astutely with local media including Lianhe Zaobao, The New Paper, Shin Min Daily News and Mothership.⁠

We are thrilled to have Ms Tiffany helm our online lessons on Tuesday evenings.

Teacher Vernicia

Special ability: To relate to students’ interests and engage them through these interests

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Ms Vernicia has several years of experience teaching English to Japanese students, whether at the beginner or advanced level, which means that she has a very strong foundation in the English language.⁠

She also uses innovative and visually attractive methods to engage her students.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated with a degree in Communication—a double major in Journalism & Communication and Media Studies.⁠

⭐️ She is also highly proficient in the Chinese Language, having taught it as a foreign language and performed translation and interpretation from English to Chinese, and vice versa.⁠

⭐️ She used to fly with our national airline!⁠

More recently, Ms Vernicia guided one of our students, Avivah Wajahat, to write two award-winning poems for a local writing competition. Enjoy Avivah's heartwarming poems—'How Do You Appreciate Your Grandparents' and 'When I Grow Old'—here.

You know that you can trust Ms Vernicia to be an effective communicator with just about anyone, and that her extensive life experiences will enrich the teaching and learning.⁠

Teacher Vidya

Special ability: To influence her students to use better vocabulary and expressions

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Ms Vidya is a strong advocate of creative expression for our children. In a recent letter to the press, she expressed her thoughts about how ‘writing a fantasy story requires as much skill as any other piece of writing, since the fundamental elements of writing remain the same. Also, the kind of creativity that is invoked in such writing is exceptional.’⁠

She would know—Ms Vidya has been teaching English and creative writing for 13 years in various schools/centres.⁠

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Madras University, India. When in Singapore, she acquired the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers from the GIG Education Centre, Singapore.⁠

⭐️ She spent 7.5 years at the Global Indian International School as a teacher and literary editor, where she also wrote play scripts, directed musical plays and assembly presentations, and anchored school events and competitions. She eventually won a ‘Star Award’ for her outstanding contributions to the school and student community.⁠

⭐️ She successfully coached our student, Raeanne Chua, to earn the Silver Award for the Junior Category at the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2020. This is the world’s oldest international writing competition and thousands of children take part every year. You can read Raeanne’s award-wining essay, ‘Imagine You Are Planet Earth’ here.

Ms Vidya continues to work closely with all our students to bring out the best writer in them. Being a mother, she is also able to understand specific concerns and frustrations felt by our parents.⁠