Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Michele!

As an avid reader, Teacher Michele shares her love for reading with our students, inspiring them to widen their repertoire of books.⁠ Importantly, she embodies a design mindset which is solution-focused and inventive, so Ms Michele is well-poised to teach 21st century competencies to our students!

Here’s what Teacher Michele has to say: “Studies have shown that children are born creative. What they need are facilitators to help them tap into the creativity that they already possess. Oftentimes, I find that the students are teaching me creativity as I enable the creativity within them!”

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a Masters of Architecture, after achieving First Class Honours for her Architecture degree.⁠

⭐️ As a recipient of several scholarships and awards including Dean’s List and Best Student awards, she inculcates the same values of consistent effort and diligence to the students.⁠

⭐️ She draws many parallels between education and designing, passionately conducting her own research on top of our regular teacher training sessions to better her teaching practice.⁠

Children will find themselves inspired by Teacher Michele’s creative and visionary ways!