Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Millie!

Teacher Millie is quite the linguist. Besides having a strong grasp on English, she is also fluent in Mandarin, Iban, and Malay, allowing her to communicate effectively with children from different backgrounds while bringing them up to speed in the English language. As a former student of the Gifted Education Programme, Teacher Millie also has a keen understanding of how to stretch able students so that they can work towards their fullest potential.⁠

Teacher Millie believes that “To teach is not merely to impart knowledge, but to inspire and motivate a student to become a learner. Dedicated teachers aim to help their students be the best versions of themselves, and that is how I hope to touch the lives of students whom I have the opportunity to work with at Artistic Leadership Academy.”

Did you know?⁠

⭐️She graduated from University of California, Berkeley with an honours degree majoring in Economics, with a minor in Music.⁠

⭐️She has more than a decade of experience teaching piano and music theory.⁠

⭐️She has performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall as a soprano member of the Singapore Symphony Chorus.⁠

⭐️She spent three years in Sarawak as a full-time volunteer teacher, teaching the local community in their mother tongue, Iban.⁠

You can be sure that Ms Millie has vast and culturally rich experiences to draw on to make writing classes fun and enriching.⁠

Coupled with solid teaching techniques from Artistic Leadership Academy and her nurturing personality, we are confident that children under Teacher Millie will mature into writers who can stand on their own.!