Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Ria!

Teacher Ria has experience in writing for readers in both long and short-form mediums as a content producer and writer. Taking those experiences, she has gone on to help our students be more original, meaningful, and engaging in their writing.⁠

This is what Teacher Ria believes in: “We write to persuade, to invite strangers to walk a little ways in our shoes or paint the grandest of ideas. Getting there however, is no easy feat. Students must spend time on ground zero exploring methods and finding their voices. Nonetheless, I hope that they will come to find that those are the best parts of mastering this craft.”

Did you know?⁠

⭐️ She graduated with an Honours Degree in Communication Studies from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, which is regarded as one of the top schools in communication and information worldwide.⁠

⭐️ She served as the video editor for the award-winning film ‘Living in Chains’, which features Pasung, a human rights issue prevalent in Indonesia. She went on to direct her own documentary titled ‘Through the Waves’.⁠

⭐️ She successfully coached our student, Elizabeth Loo, to win an award for her tastefully written poem, ‘When I Grow Old’. It was specially penned for a writing contest organised by St. John’s Home for Elderly Persons.⁠

P.S. The beautiful oil portrait of Ms Ria is by artist, Chonge⁠.