Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Taufiq!

Teacher Taufiq has been with us since 2018 and is a passionate educator. He has years of experience teaching English not just to children, but also to teenage and adult learners who are non-native English language speakers. This has enabled him to have a solid grasp of common issues faced in learning the language and how to tackle them.⁠ In our Artistic Leadership  Academy, Mr Taufiq does this by integrating art techniques with creative writing to help the children excel and love the written word.

Teacher Taufiq believes that “Everyone should be given the opportunity to express themselves through art and be emboldened to create something they could be proud of!”

Did you know?⁠

⭐️He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Murdoch University Singapore.⁠

⭐️He also has a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults qualification.⁠

⭐️When he is not reading, gaming, or playing badminton, he enjoys delving deep into the complex worlds of Interstellar and Inception.⁠

Teacher Taufiq is personable and approachable, so be sure to say hi when you see him!