Say Hello 👋 to our Head of School, Teacher Megan!

Here’s what Megan has to say –
I make it a point to always work for spaces and projects that I care about. For the past few years, I have been working in the arts, writing, teaching and researching and now, I have found my way into education again.

In this chapter of my life, as I step into the role of Head of School at ALA, I lead and support our teachers and staff to achieve our version of success — to empower students to be creative and confident thinkers and writers.

In my capacity, I refer closely to the 4 main pillars of development that support our curriculum.
1. Creativity
2. Critical thinking
3. Emotional resilience
4. A love for learning

As we design individualised curriculum for each student and design holiday programmes, we aim for the learning process to be one that gives space for our students to express their creativity or one that inspires and unlock creativity within. In their exposure to topics via the activities, conversations and discussions, we hope our students enjoy the process and in turn develop a love for learning and an emotional resilience whereby they will be courageous and confident in solving any small or big obstacles they face.

I look forward to leading and being part of ALA’s growth!