Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Yan Lin!
Teacher Yan Lin holds dual roles with ALA, and is the Client Happiness Manager for our Bedok and Bukit Timah students!
After graduating SMU’s School of Law in 2020 with a summa cum laude, she worked in a law firm for a year before deciding to move into teaching. She believes strongly that there’s no perfect way to write. The key is to try, and it can always be refined later!
Some fun facts about Teacher Yan Lin:
⭐️After she completed her studies, she joined one of the Big 4 Firms in Singapore as a Lawyer
⭐️She is very into invasion sports like frisbee and floorball. She really misses playing Captain’s Ball back in P.E lessons!
⭐️ In her free time, she record covers where she sings and plays the guitar
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