Say Hello 👋 to Teacher Janet!
Teacher Janet has always loved writing and graduated with a B.A in Journalism. When she began to lead history tours with students, she realised that she’s energised by their company – especially when they share a passion for learning and recording their thoughts!
Besides writing, she loves art and illustrated books, and to facilitate museum tours. Teacher Janet enjoys to encouraging young people to express their ideas and perspectives. She believes that “The weirder your idea is, the more you need to write it down.”
Some fun facts about her:
⭐ She likes reading both history and science fiction and also write technology articles for a Science magazine for teens.
⭐ Her first love and favourite science subject is astronomy. Though she knows a little about astrology too – She finds it fun to talk to students about their signs!
⭐She’s been drawing for years
Come join Teacher Janet in her classes today!