Claudine has made a great impact on my daughter’s writing skills. My girl is an avid reader and writer. She attended Claudine’s class for 3 months and had made a tremendous improvement in her writing skills. Even her teachers in school notice it! Her approach to creative writing and ‘thinking out of the box’ has made it all possible for my girl to be imaginative in her writing. She looks forward to her class every week!

Nor Azline

Haney looks forward to attend the weekly sessions as she finds it interesting and fun. She enjoys how Ms. Claudine gives an outside-of-the-classroom experience when teaching creative writing.

Haslinah Ali

Alissa had so much fun at her class today with Claudine Fernandez and her artistic writing programme. Claudine makes writing fun and what better way for a child to learn writing? Making it fun and imaginative!! I highly recommend her !! Looking forward to Alissa coming home with more stories from class!!!

Jessica Mae Husseini

Business Owner at Bella Mae Creations

We had the pleasure of attending a session with Claudine, who took my kids through some “artistic strategies” in writing, employing some of the many fantastic ideas from her very own book “Every Child’s Guide to Write Away!”, a guide to inspiring children to write. Overall,the class was a breath of fresh air and we picked up some tips on how to trigger and inspire writing through artistic activities.

Tracey Or

Blogger at Memoirs of a Budget Mum

My daughter has just completed a holiday workshop with Miss Claudine and she came home all smiles after every lesson! Miss Claudine’s lessons are really enjoyable as she utilises a variety of creative strategies and visualisation techniques, helping the kids to extend their imagination in characterisation and creation of plot. My gal is now inspired to write more stories! Thank you Miss Claudine for letting her see that the sky’s the limit where it comes to writing!

Adeline Leo

Former Teacher
I totally love Teacher Claudine’s approach and belief towards writing. She believes that every child is a true natural writer and shares her passion to bring out the creativity in the child. She provides a very safe and nurturing environment to motivate reluctant writers and best of all, her lessons are not the traditional ‘sit-down writing composition titles’ kind but she allows the child to immerse and enjoy the process of writing though games, arts and multi-sensory approaches.That’s important to nurture a confident and expressive writer. She’s ever very willing to adapt her lessons to suit the children’s needs and abilities. In fact, I’m always excited for her class knowing that my girls will enjoy them too. Thank you Teacher Claudine for your patience in my girls. It’s truly a blessing to have met you.

Naziathul Suhailah


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