Young Authors Books

Young Authors' Published Books

To date, we have helped more than 40 Young Authors self-publish their own illustrated books.

The best part is that some of them have decided to donate the profits from the sale of their books to their adopted charities in Singapore and overseas.

If you’d like your child to be part of this meaningful project that they will cherish for the rest of their lives, send us an email with samples of your their writing and illustrations/drawings.

Allysha Asmadi

The Miracle Healer

This book tackles the themes of good versus evil, healing, and how to use your talents responsibly. What happens after the main character, Alena, hears two opposing voices in her head, telling her to what to do? Support Allysha’s adopted charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, by purchasing her book.


The Day My Best Friend Lied

This book takes us through a tale of two best friends. Why did one of them lie, and why did our young author write this book? Support Angeli’s adopted charity, World Vision, by purchasing this book.

Janice Lim

A Twist Of Events

If you saw someone shoplifting, would you stop them? This book reminds us to do the right thing. You’ll be surprised by the ending! Support Janice’s adopted charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation, by purchasing this book.

Wong Xin Qiao

Overcoming My Fear

This young author is is not afraid to share the story of how she contracted a disease during a family holiday and how she braved her fears. Support Xin Qiao’s adopted charity, Cat Welfare Society, by purchasing her book.

Ng Qian Yu


There are so many great things about this book: the attractive graphics, the superhero story and the themes of betrayal and friendship among others! Support Qian Yu’s adopted charity, World Vision Singapore.

Abhinayya Saravanan

The Never-ending Steps

This is a fantastical book about two siblings who go on an adventure in Japan! The book is inspired by real-life events in the author’s life. Support Abhinayya’s adopted charity, Make a Wish Foundation.