Young Authors' Published Books

These Young Authors have self-published their own illustrated books after attending our signature Young Authors Programme. The best part is that they have decided to donate the profits from the sale of their books (after the deduction of the printing and Paypal fees) to their adopted charities in Singapore and overseas.

The $18 price per book includes the admin charge by Paypal, which will not be reflected in the receipt from Paypal.

Please note that we won't be shipping books and they have to be collected from our centre during our opening hours. After the purchase has been made, we will send you an email to notify you of the possible collection dates.

Thank you.





Ng Qian Yu


There are so many great things about this book: the attractive graphics, the superhero story and the themes of betrayal and friendship among others! Support Qian Yu's adopted charity, World Vision Singapore.

Abhinayya Saravanan

The Never-ending Steps

This is a fantastical book about two siblings who go on an adventure in Japan! The book is inspired by real-life events in the author's life. Support Abhinayya's adopted charity, Make a Wish Foundation.

Eryn Phng

The Missing Goldfish

Ever met a detective that is an owl? Or heard of a goldfish that has gone missing? Now you can in Eryn's book! Support Eryn's adopted charity, SPCA by purchasing her book.

Natalie Wong

The Seemingly Unstoppable Girls