Benefits of Music on Your Child’s Learning

Multiple research studies have been done to show the positive correlation between music to a child’s brain development and ultimately, success in learning.

Here is a summary of some of the findings:

1. Music helps to calm us down

In one study, patients who were about to undergo surgery were either given anti-anxiety drugs or allowed to listen to music. The study found that patients who listened to music had lower levels of stress than those who took the drugs. (Source: CNN)

Furthermore, Mindlab International, a research-based company in the UK that specialises in neuroscience, conducted a study on specific songs that reduce stress levels. They found that listening to this particular song entitled “Weightless” by Marconi Union, reduced the overall anxiety levels of participants by about 65%! (Source: Inc.)

Maybe the next time your child feels a little anxious when preparing for a test or exam, you should let him or her listen to the song.

2. Music helps us to remember things better

“Music helps kids remember basic facts such as the order of letters in the alphabet, partly because songs tap into fundamental systems in our brains that are sensitive to melody and beat,” writes Elizabeth Landau for CNN in an article entitled,  “Music : It’s in your head, changing your brain”.

We, at Artistic Strategies Academy, can personally testify to this as we have used music to help students remember the alphabets in their spelling words.

Watch this video to see how this works!

3. Listening to ambient (background) music increases productivity, efficiency and creativity

This article from The Mission Podcast cites various studies throughout history that show how listening to background music in moderate levels of volume can actually increase one’s productivity, efficiency and creativity. This could apply in situations where people are performing mundane tasks in the office or working on a task.

The next time your child is studying or memorising facts, try playing some light background music like classical music and observe whether this has a positive impact on your child.

Due to these findings and more, it is undeniable that music education or even exposure to music can benefit your child in several ways.

This June holidays, we are collaborating with Boni De Souza, an experienced musician and composer from BDS Music to bring you a very special programme called, “Words and Music” where children get to compose an original musical tune and write accompanying lyrics.

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