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Weekly Artistic Leadership Programmes

Our young writers will embark on a captivating 1.5-hour journey each week at the Artistic Strategies Academy, where they will delve into a dynamic blend of interactive activities designed to nurture essential writing skills to be a confident and expressive leader.
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What Makes a Young Leader?


The outer portions of the venn diagram above are the key leadership skills that can be nurtured in children.The inner portions of the diagram are the key charateristics or traits that leaders possess. Developing the four leadership traits in children will lead to the emergence of these leadership traits. It is our mission to not just develop all of the leadership traits in our students, but also to recognise and acknowledge the traits that they already possess.




Our LEADR™️ Framework

L – To continuously learn and explore new ideas, skills and perspectives and to enjoy doing it

E – To empower children to have a personal voice and make responsible decisions; to also use their talents and skills for good to empower others

A – To adapt and be flexible to changing times, which would build resilience 

D –  To develop holistically and not just academically 

R – To build healthy, meaningful and strong relationships with the self and others 

Leadership Tiers

We have different tiers of classes to cater to students of different levels. Based on
a comprehensive diagnostic test, we will recommend the tier that the child should
begin with.

“The Discoverer” is a specially tailored leadership programme crafted for preschoolers who are preparing for primary school. 

This delightful programme is designed to spark curiosity, ignite their imagination, and nurture budding leaders in the most magical years of early childhood. Through writing, interactive games, sensory activities and hands-on art projects, we unlock the full spectrum of creativity, allowing them to express themselves freely.

“The Explorer” is a captivating gateway for young leaders that encourages inquisitive minds to ask questions, seek answers, and cultivate a foundation of critical thinking for young leaders to build confidence. Through writing, art, drama, and imaginative exercises, they will discover the joy of creative problem-solving. Their unique voices will shine in a nurturing environment that celebrates both individuality and collaboration with others. 

Want a more self-paced programme in the comfort of your own home? “The Explorer” is also available in video tutorials. Click here for more information.

“The Navigator” is designed to equip young minds with the skills to navigate challenges,  foster innovation and emerge as resilient leaders ready to embrace uncertainty and obstacles both in their present and future. 

Young leaders are presented with thought-provoking scenarios and complex problem-solving activities, developing robust critical thinking skills and learning to navigate the twists and turns of decision-making with confidence through writing and the arts.

 “The Trailblazer” programme goes beyond leadership, offering a dynamic exploration of various professions such as journalism, entrepreneurship and even fashion design.       

            Through purposeful and meaningful immersive activities, the young minds will be able to discover their passions and cultivate their unique talents. At the end of it, they will emerge as innovative, resourceful and persuasive leaders who are able to articulate their ideas and opinions eloquently both in writing and speaking.

 “The Voyager” is a leadership programme that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries and propels participants into a realm of intellectual exploration. This transformative journey integrates research, global affairs, debates, and advanced writing styles, such as argumentative and expository writing to cultivate a holistic 

understanding of leadership.

Young Leaders will emerge as informed, empathetic global citizens ready to contribute meaningfully and make an impact on their societies and communities.

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