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Weekly Artistic Writing™ Classes

Our weekly group Artistic Writing™ classes are premium classes. They are typically 1.5 hours per session and will give your child CONSISTENT writing practice and REGULAR feedback from the teacher. At the end of every lesson, the parents will be given a progress update showing the child’s strengths and areas of improvement.
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Class Tiers

We have different tiers of classes to cater to students of different levels. Based on
a comprehensive diagnostic test, we will recommend the tier that the child should
begin with.

The RIVER Writing Framework

W-R-I-T-E mindset

Significant Lifeskills

For our latest class vacancies, please visit our Facebook or Instagram pages. Alternatively, you could also send us a Whatsapp message.


If you cannot make it for in-person classes, how about checking out our online classes?


Here is the pricing for our classes. Interest-free instalments are also available for those with a credit/debit card and a valid Singpass. Email us at mail@artisticstrategies.com.sg to request this.

Class Package

(Only $51.30 per hour)

(Only $47.70 per hour)

Interest-free instalment plans of up to 3 monthly instalments are available. Prices include registration fees, a starter pack, artistic material, workbooks, supplementary resources and progress updates after every class.

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