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Holiday Programmes

We have a range of interesting holiday programmes available during our school holidays in March, June, September and November/December.
These programmes, which also use the Artistic Writing™ teaching approaches, are the perfect way to ensure that your child is productively occupied while enjoying their break from school.

To view pictures of the holiday programmes we have run in the past, visit our Facebook Page Album from link bellow.

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Holiday Programmes

Watch this space for our latest holiday programmes!

Holiday Programme Description:

Raising young daughters in today’s world?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Our founder Claudine Fernandez and family and children counsellor Yuyun Tan have put their knowledge and expertise together—not to mention personal experiences in navigating life, emerging as strong women and role models themselves—and designed a 3-day intensive to empower girls to become more confident and more resilient.

So, what does that mean?

It means putting to practice the intention to value one’s self-esteem, visualising one’s ideal self in the future, and learning to make healthy and sometimes difficult choices in life and in relationships.

These activities will be conducted in-depth and through interactive and reflective activities including journalling.

Day 1: Me and my self-esteem, My Aspirations

The girls will examine their current self-perception and how others perceive them. They will be creating a new self-perception that is filled with positivity. Our facilitators will lead the girls to visualise, discuss and express their aspirations for the future. We will then invite them to create their ideal self in the future and be encouraged to improve their relationship with themselves.

Day 2: My life and financial decisions

The girls will be given specific tools and frameworks to make healthy and sometimes difficult choices in their daily life, including navigating their relationships with others. Financial adviser—Nasirah Banu Ramirez from Magnavera Advisory—will also facilitate a game to teach the girls about making sound financial decisions when it comes to savings.

Dates and Times:

Date: 4th and 5th Sept 2021

Timings: 10am–2pm

Venue: Online (Via Zoom)


$400 (sign up with a friend to enjoy a buddy discount of $20 each!)

By the end of the camp, they will emerge as more confident and self-assured children.
Suitable for girls aged 6 to 12.

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