School Programmes

Our Outreach

ALA has worked with a number of schools to deliver quality leadership programmes for students. Additionally, we have also conducted professional development workshops for teachers who wish to expand their skills and learn new strategies to teach creative writing.

School Programmes We Have Delivered:

The objectives of this workshop are:

🖊 To introduce thinking routines from The British Council, Harvard’s Project Zero and the Museum of Modern Art’s Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)

🖊  To provide concrete strategies for teachers to assess the learning of students’ reading and writing skills
🖊  To enable participants to apply the thinking routines to various visual and non-visual texts in the classrooms

  Suitable for: English Language and Humanities teachers

In this 3-part workshop, students will gain exposure to writing different types of poetry from found poetry to lyrics.

Structure of the workshop:

     Students will be introduced to different styles of poems and analysing the techniques, effects and meanings of these poems.

They will then try their hand at writing their own poems and presenting these to their classmates and teachers.

 Finally, they will convert their poems into short stories.

Suitable for: Secondary School students

Students will be inspired to think about their dreams and ambitions for the future through writing and drama. They will also be demonstrating their learning through the writing of a short play.

Suitable for: Secondary School students

As part of this programme, students will be learning how to script engaging and informative podcasts about books that they have read. They will also learn how to record and publish their podcasts.

Suitable for: Secondary School students

Students will get to learn and apply the technique of magic realism in their writing of a short story in the speculative fiction genre. 

Suitable for: Primary School students and beyond

 Students with a flair for writing will be coached on how to write publishable pieces that can be published in a book format. 

Suitable for: Primary School students and beyond


The objectives of this workshop are: 

🖊 To provide concrete teaching strategies for the construction of narratives

🖊 To expose teachers to a variety of ways to use the arts to teach students how to generate ideas for their own narratives

🖊 To enable teachers to engage and enthuse students in the process of writing original and insightful narratives 

Suitable for: Primary School teachers

Schools we have worked with: